Chances for RD

<p>Please tell me what you guys think? I want to major in Biology.
SAT Math: 710
SAT Verbal: 610
GPA: 3.85
Rank 10/210</p>

<p>Involved in International Baccalaureate Program.
I have taken all 7 weighted IB classes for the past two years.
AP Psychology: 4
AP English: 2
AP US History: 3
IB Psychology: 4</p>

<p>SAT Math IC: (Will take in Nov.)
SAT Writing: " "
SAT Biology: " "</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
-Volunteer Corp at Mosque (9,10,11,12) Head of Student Body (12) Youth Group Team Leader (11,12)
-AKEB Education Board Representative (10)
Excite Coordinator (10)
-National Honor Society (12) "Only offered to Seniors"
-Key Club (11,12)
Secretary (12)
-Spanish Club (11,12)
Treasurer (11)
-Attended CyberTech2K2 @ Kennessaw State University during Summer before 10th grade
-Camp Mosaic Group Counselor (Summer before 12th)
-Academic Team (9,11,12)
-Math Team (10,11,12)
-National Spanish Honor Society (12)</p>

-Won Region for Mock Trial Journalism Contest
-National Honor Roll
-Georgia Certificate of Merit
-Summa ISTAR Award for 3 consecutive years </p>

<p>Please tell me my chances. Thanks</p>


<p>i have the same SATs... I really wanna know. IB will def help and your EC's sound great</p>

<p>What are your stats and what part of the country are you from</p>

<p>gpa is lower...
from d.c. area
i took 10 APs in h.s. (so far, I got 5's on all but World History)</p>

<p>I started my own club in 10th grade that has 30 members
Secretary of FHS
Treasurer of a community service type club at my school
Vice President of SADD
400+ community service
very active in a religious youth group

<p>Sounds great man, what's your gpa? taken any SAT IIs?</p>