Chances for RD?

<p>Grade: Rising Senior</p>


<p>Class Rank: School doesn't rank, but I assume fairly high. I don't know what information they do give to colleges, if any.
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology - Alexandria, VA</p>

<p>Gender: Male</p>

<p>SAT Super Scores: (May retake since I want scholarship money; necessary for CR+M score to get the 1550+?)

<p>SAT II's
Math II - 780
Biology M - 780
Chemistry - 790</p>

<p>AP Courses:
Sophomore Year:
-AP Biology: 5
Junior year: (Probably 4-5 on all tests)
-AP Spanish Language
-AP Chemistry
-AP US History
Senior Year:
-AP Spanish Literature
-AP US Government
-AP Calculus BC
-AP English Language</p>

<p>Rigor of Curriculum
All classes at TJHSST are taught at the honors level and above. We are required to take more math/science courses to graduate and have electives such as DNA Science, Bionanotechnology, and Organic Chemistry as semester courses (these three I am taking)</p>


<p>-Biology Olympiad: Teaching Coordinator Junior Year, Semifinalist Junior Year
-Biology Society: Vice President Junior Year
-Varsity Policy Debate: Freshman/Sophomore Year, debating since middle school, qualified for Nationals both years
---Varsity LD Debate: Junior Year
-NHS Member
-National Spanish Exam Gold Medalist, 97th Percentile</p>

<p>Volunteer/Work Experience:
-Red Cross Blood Drives/Now regular blood donor, helped with "When I'm in Charge" Safety Training Program
-Regularly volunteer at school functions designed to encourage young children to pursue science
-Over summer, will do Reading for the Blind
-Volunteer at the National Institute of Health (NIH) during second semester of Junior Year, Work at NIH over summer for pay in Summer Internship Program (SIP) doing neural stem cell research, continue work through first semester of senior year for graduation requirement.
<strong><em>Due to my work at NIH, I will not have leadership positions in clubs senior year due to the fact that we have club meetings during a period planned into our schedules. In order to do the NIH internship, I need to miss these club meetings. Therefore, I'm only VP of Biology Society still, will continue participating in Debate/Biology Olympiad competitions. My counselor will mention this</em></strong></p>

Letters from AP Chemistry and English 11 teachers. Both have called me intelligent/hard-working, should be good. Also, I know my counselor well.</p>

Straight A's for sophomore and junior year. Freshman year/summer course in chemistry I received a B+/B, respectively. I think this was because I was getting used to actually "thinking" about science versus "memorizing" it, and science at TJ is difficult. My counselor will mention this development, and my AP Chemistry will talk about my performance in chemistry. I have gotten A's in AP Biology, AP Chemistry, physics, and all other science courses. Hopefully these classes will compensate, along with AP scores.</p>

<p>Interested Majors: Neuroscience, Biology</p>

<p>Any input would be great; I wasn't sure I would apply to Duke, but now I am reconsidering upon looking more closely at their programs. Money will be an issue though so...we'll see lol.</p>

<p>You'll get in. Congrats in advance.</p>

<p>Better stats than me and I was accepted :)</p>

<p>Considering you got those grades at the number one high school in America, arguably, you're in.

<p>if you don't get in...i'll personally fight the admissions committee for you!</p>

<p>good luck with financial aid though....duke needs to work on that!</p>

<p>^Duke gave me almost a full ride, just off of financial aid; I'm paying only about 2k a year. :)</p>