Chances for Realistic Schools That Aren't HYPSM, etc.

<p>Here they are: UVa, W&M, UNC (Chapel Hill), Lehigh, U. Miami</p>

<p>Male, NJ
Competitive Private School</p>

<li>Rank: 5/222</li>
<li>Cum. GPA (W): 4.78
(My school doesn't UW, but I calculated myself and it was about a 3.96)</li>
<li>Really good transcript, heavy course load (all honors/6 AP), upward trend in grades, eventually reached straight A+'s junior year</li>

<p>Standardized Tests:</p>

<p>ACT: Composite: 29, Eng: 34, Reading: 31, Math: 29, Science 23 (ran outta time...); when I took it again, i went down in everything but went up to a 27 in science ... so schools that superscore the ACT will see that</p>

<p>SAT II: Bio - 730, Latin 610
APs: Bio-5, Eng.-4, Latin-3</p>

Mock Trial (Captain, all 4 years)
Future Lawyers Club (President, all 4 years)
National Honors Society (Academic Integrity Committee + Officer, 2 years)
Math Honors Society (Tutor, 3 years)
School Ambassador (2 years)
Paid Work: Sales/Service at a Sports Shop (2 years)
Campus Ministry (Volunteer Work, etc; 4 years)</p>

<p>What's your ethnicity?</p>

<p>100% White upper middle class American male -_____-</p>

<p>UVA, UNC: Medium Reach
W&M, Lehigh, U Miami: Low Reach
Grades are really good, but test scores are lacking a lot. ECs are decent</p>