Chances for Regular Decision at Penn

<p>-asian american attending competitive college prep school</p>

<p>-pretty rigorous schedule, honors courses whenever possible, 2 AP's a
year for 11th and 12th grade, (our school only allows three AP's a
year and only in 11th and 12th grade)
-in 9th grade just the basic classes with honors geometry
-in 10th just the basic classes with honors algebra 2
-in 11th honors precalc BC, ap chem (got a 5 on AP), ap english (got a
2 on AP), us history, french 4, and digital projects
-in 12th honors physics, ap bio, ap calc BC, debate/a lit class,
financial life skills, animation independent study
-overall GPA is a weighted 4.03 on a maximum unweighted 4.33 scale
(unweighted 3.85)</p>

<p>-took the SAT twice got a 1370 first time, 1470 second time (800M, 670V)
-800 chem SATII, 800 Math IIC SATII, 700 Writing SATII</p>

<p>-Average extracurriculars/ awards/ volunteering/ etc., but no single
special interest or talent.
-National honors society, high honors, couple class awards, an art award.
-worked at NASA last summer, did a couple littler assistant jobs
throughout high school
-Did a little tutoring, food drives, health fairs, and other
volunteering things each about once a year
-student council, french exchange, amnesty international secretary,
and a couple other clubs just for a year
-tennis 9, 10th and 12th, (no awards)
-took some summer classes at local colleges for two summers</p>

<p>-good recomendations and probably a slightly above average essay</p>

<p>what are my chances?</p>

<p>Thanks alot</p>

<p>45% - 55% chance for college (RD)
35% - 45% chance for Wharton (RD)</p>

<p>Regular Decision is a toss-up for you.</p>

<p>If you apply Early Decision, Wharton and Penn College will have roughly the same chances of getting into (50% - 60% for you), but during RD the Wharton pool is more competitive.</p>