Chances for Rice University?

<p>Hello, can you 'chance' me? </p>

<p>I am currently a junior in Texas, and am taking the following Pre-AP and AP classes: AP Calculus AB, AP English III, AP United States History, AP Environmental Science, AP Computer Science A, Pre-AP Spanish IV, and Pre-AP Physics. </p>

<p>During my Freshman year, I took three pre-AP classes, and during my sophomore year, I took three Pre-AP classes, and one AP class. I took the AP World History test this May, and received a 5. Also during my Freshman year, I was on the wrestling team, but with the increase of my academic duties and the physical toll taken my body by several rather nasty injuries, I elected not to continue with the team the following season, despite my love for the sport. I am involved with the Young Republicans Club, a school Christian group, and am the founder and head of my school's Gay-Straight Alliance. In addition, I am part of my school's UIL Academics team. I plan on becoming further involved in extracurricular activities this year, particularly Student Council, Best Buddies, Spanish Honor Society, and Spanish club. I am considering starting an on-campus prayer and Bible study group. </p>

<p>I have been taking the PSAT yearly since the eighth grade. My newest (and highest) official score is a 183, while my newest unofficial score (taken in a timed setting but not for NMSQT purposes) is a 192. I shall be taking this test again this year, and shall be taking the SAT in the spring. </p>

<p>I make mostly As, and a few B's, though the B's tend to be on the higher side of the scale. </p>

<p>Unfortunately, I do have one blemish on my academic record: in the first semester of my Freshman year, I was having trouble balancing my responsibilities, and received a 78 for that grading period of Pre-AP Algebra II. The following semester's grade was much improved, with an 86, and the following year, my Precalculus score is shown as hovering in the high A's. </p>

<p>I take the highest classes that are offered to me, and am slated to graduate with six credits of science, six credits of mathematics (possibly seven if I elect to take AP Statistics), four of English, four of social studies, five of a foreign language (Spanish), in addition to all other required credits, both local and state. I attend one of the best public high schools in my state, but am currently unaware of my class rank. </p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>Raise your SAT to a 2100+ and you will have somewhat of a chance. If you want to be a competitve applicant, I’d say you need at least a 2200+ since you’re an unhooked applicant.</p>

<p>Thanks. </p>

<p>I am trying to shoot for at least 2100 to 2200 on my SAT, and if that means I have to take it more than once, then I certainly shall. It’s a large increase, I know.</p>