Chances for Rising Senior

<p>Chances at University of Louisville, UK, WashU, Vandy, Penn, and HYP

<p>Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Ethnicity: Indian male
Class Size: About 80 students (competitive)
Major: Most likely Pre-Medicine (Engineering 2nd choice)
Weighted GPA: 4.21
Unweighted GPA: 3.85
PSAT: 213 (predicted National Merit Semifinalist)
SAT: 2040: CR: 720; M: 660; W: 660 (Not too good-retaking in Sept.)
ACT: 35: Eng: 35; M: 34; Rd: 36; Sc: 34
Biology: 790
Chemistry: 760 (Retaking)
-Planning to take Physics, Math I/II, and maybe English Lit.
School: Private College Prep School
Ranking: Top 10 % (no ranking system)
Course load: Most Rigorous (Harder than any of my peers)</p>

AP Government&Politics (4)</p>

<p>Junior year (awaiting scores):
AP Chemistry (4)
AP Biology (5)
AP Calculus AP (4)
AP Latin IV (3) </p>

<p>Projected Senior Year:
AP Physics
AP Calculus BC
AP European History
AP English Literature
AP English Language</p>

Baseball: 2 years (Vars.)
Soccer: 1 year (JV)
Tennis: 4 years (Club)
-Baritone in High School Select Chorale
-Voice lessons for over 8 years
-Church Choir
Beta Club: 1 year
Desi Student Alliance (DSA): 1 year (Helped start and help lead)
-Club that promotes awareness of India and helps spread diversity through the school community
On Board of Directors (trustee) for the Artemis Fund:
-A school trust fund set up by our vice-principal that is essentially a philanthropic council t hat helps raise money for local non-profit groups in Louisville that aid in helping the youth of the city.
Lead singer/Rhythm guitarist of rock band: 3 years
Piano: 3 years
Guitar: 2 years
-Several school plays/musicals including
Oklahoma and A Christmas Story
Community Service: 150+ hours working in Louisville hospital
Research (2 years in summer): 400+ hours working in cancer research at University of Louisville
Quick Recall Team (5 years, 2 in Middle School):
-9th: JV starter
-10th: JV Captain/Vars. alternate
-11th: Vars. starter
-Compete in a league of independent schools
Math Team (3 years):
-2 people from each grade are selected
-Participate in 4 tests through the year and get rankings compared to other regional schools
Governor's Cup (3 years):
-Select group of students selected to compete in Quick Recall and/or Written Assessments from the district to the state level
-Competed in Quick Recall and Science/Social Studies Written Assessment</p>

<p>Honors, Awards, and Recognition:
-Duke TIP: 2004-08 (since 7th grade)
-James Graham Brown Cancer Center High School Summer Internship Program: summer 2006, 2007
-Western Kentucky University Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY) camp: summer 2005, 2006
-Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program: summer 2008
-National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine: summer 2007
-Honors Program in high school:
-Select group of students that take extra courses on humanities and social sciences over 2 years and detail an individual research project and 20 page research paper that is set for completion at the end of senior year (with a presentation)
-ACDA National Honors Choir 2004, 2006
-KMEA All-State Choir 2008
-KYACDA All-State Choir 2005, 2006
-ACDA Southern Divisional Choir 2008</p>

<p>Governor's Cup:
District, Regional, and State Recognition
-Biology Book Award: 2007
-High Honor Roll (3 years): 2005-08
-University of Louisville Book Award: 2008</p>

-Biology Olympiad Semi-finalist: 2008
National Latin Exam:
-8th (Latin I): Magna Cum Laude (High Honor)
-9th (Latin II): Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honor)
-10th (Latin III): Cum Laude (Honor)
-11th (Latin IV AP): Cum Laude (Honor)</p>


<p>Hi Shwincity117, I'll chance you ... but can you chance me too? <a href=""&gt;;/a>. </p>

<p>Your GPA of UW 3.85 isn't bad ... actually it's pretty good. Your SAT is not too good, especially when it doesn't match up with your PSAT score. However, don't worry about retaking the SAT b/c a 35 on the ACT is excellent. Please don't retake a 760 on an SAT Subject Test ... it's disheartening to read that. As long as you score a 650-700+ on an SAT Subject Test, you don't need to retake the test even if you're applying to a top school. SAT Subjects are meant as supplements (let's say that your ACT and GPA is your main course, so your SAT Subject is just a mere salad). Your courseload is indeed rigorous, and that will play well in college admissions. Your ECs are great -- I really like how you've played the guitar ... summer research won't hurt either. Your awards are also very good ... getting a semi-finalist standing on the USABO will also help with admissions ... especially if you're applying to top schools. </p>

<p>Overall, you're a pretty good student -- you certainly seem like the guy who will succeed more in premed than in engineering, because of your strengths in Chem/Bio ... more so here than, say, in math. Latin will also help with your Bio studies ... I also take Latin ... cool we're Latin nerds!! (Actually I'm not that great at Latin, partially because my Latin teacher sucksr really badly and can't teach) </p>

-UK: In
-Univ of Louisville: Not familiar
-WUSTL: Slight reach (SAT)
-Vandy: Slight reach (ditto)
-Penn: Reach (ditto)
-HYSP: Reach -- they're top Ivies, need I say more? </p>

<p>Good luck, and remember to chance me too!</p>