Chances for Rit

I am applying ED to Rit for biochemistry my uw gpa is 82 and i got a 24 on my act my class rank is 77/137.
I’ve taken 4 ap’s and one honors.
Ap euro 3
Apush 3
Ap language 1
I’ve played jv and varsity lacrosse and varsity indoor track and I’ve been to multiple leadership conferences.
I won a excellance award in chem and my science olympaid club went to states twice. Also my schools book club won the championship. I am in a few more clubs.
I am female and I’m also hispanic.
What do you think my chances are?

I also have many volunteer hours.





Pls anybody

  1. Stop bumping.
  2. What's your other AP?
  3. How much biology and chemistry have you taken?
  4. Your ACT is a little low.
  5. Your GPA is also low.
  6. As a URM and female, your odds will be a little better.

Work on your ACT and GPA, and good luck!

Ap bio besides bio i have taken 1 year of each bio and chem. And you didnt actually chance me :slight_smile:

I didn’t chance you, I provided advice. That’s actually pretty common on these threads. I don’t know enough about RIT admissions specifically to chance, but the acceptance rate is 60%. I looked on and it looks like people with your stats usually get accepted.

In other news, AP Bio is a pretty good class to have.

The best guidelines for admission are on RIT’s admissions site -

There’s a pretty big variance between the different colleges, and you apply directly to the major you want. The College of Science lists mid 50% of applicants at and ACT of 27-32.

I got in