Chances for Rutgers NB

<p>What are my chances for Rutgers NB? want to do engineering major so School of Engineering specifically</p>

<p>SAT- 1720
Cr 470
Math 650
Writing 600</p>

<p>GPA- 3.5
junior year- 2 honors 1 ap class
senior- 3 ap classes
rank- not sure but def top 25%</p>

-bio league, chem league, physics league.. each club for each year i took the 3 science classes
- 2 years basketball
- 1 year track and field
- 4 years of training in mma (mixed martial arts).. not school related but what i like to do most out of school
-100+ volunteer hours at community blood center</p>

- Minority
- Live in NJ (Instate)</p>

<p>any replies are greatly appreciated. thank you</p>

<p>Looks like you're a reach/match (hi match or low reach). Your CR score is below the 25% but your other scores are in the middle (below 75%). 80% of Rutgers students were in the top quarter so that doesn't help much. ECs are only considered, as is racial status. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>thank you for your reply. i am taking the SATs again on June 5th and my CR will def. increase to about 550. does instate status matter as much? and also are the requirements different for School of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, or any other schools of rutgers?</p>

<p>what exactly does high match or low reach mean?</p>