Chances for School of foreign service

<p>Hi! I wish to study economics and political science, and if I got into the sfs I would major in political economy. I do not have even statistics, though.</p>

<p>I go to a public school on the east coast, 2000 people
GPA: 3.4
SAT I (first time I took it): 2280 (math 740, cr 740, writing 800)
I will retake the SAT I in november.
SAT US History: 770
AP Exams: Calc BC 5 (with AB subscore 5)
French language 5
US History 5
(I'll take SAT IIs in French and Math IIC)
Also I'm a national merit semifinalist.</p>

<p>This year, I take:
AP Statistics
AP US Government
AP European History
Honors European Literature
Also I am doing a seminar on the Middle East with my principle, the head of the history department, and three other very bright students. I think my principle will write me a letter of recommendation.</p>

<p>For math I am doing a course in Boston University in discrete mathematics. There my teacher will also write me a letter of recommendation.</p>

<p>I realize that my GPA is not good, it is because I was very sick last year and missed 33 days of school. This also affected my extracurricular activities ( I had to drop out from competitive ballroom dancing)
My only activities this year are volunteer teaching math for seventh graders (they're fun kids)
and guitar. I decided to concentrate my time on learning- not necessarily academic learning, mainly outside reading in history and political science.</p>

<p>If anyone has suggestions or comments I am grateful!
thank you.</p>

<p>SFS is gonna be a reach for you. GPA is SUPER low for SFS. Even with the excuse its gonna be tough. Then your SAT is good, but Gtown doesn't count the writing so it comes out to 1480 which is still really good, but pretty average for Gtown. Try and do really well on those SAT IIs, the 770 is an awesome start. You have taken 6, 7 if you count Calc AB, AP classes which is good, but some SFS applicants have taken 10+. I'm gonna be honest, your ECs are REALLY weak. Even with the ballroom dancing that and tutoring math aren't gonna cut it. SFS has applicants that are fluent in four languages, or have gone to other countries as exchange students, or do model UNs, etc. Basically what, I'm saying is you're coming across as a student with a low GPA, from an area they already get a ton of applicants from, from a demographic where they get a ton of applicants from (I'm assuming you're white since you didn't say otherwise), from a public school. The odds aren't in your favor. Sorry to break it to you. You could still get in, but its gonna be a BIG reach. I'd rather have people be honest with me, so that's why I came across this way, sorry if I was a little harsh. Good luck.</p>