Chances for science heavy schools? (Bad GPA)

<p>I didnt notice this section before I copy and pasted my message into specific schools.</p>

<p>Here is my suggested college list from school:
Maryland Honors
Boston University
U Penn
Carnegie Mellon
Wash U
George Washington</p>

<p>I went to an extremely rigorous high school and was averaging about a 3.0 in the toughest courses offered through my junior year. I was bad about doing homework and such so I'm now at a postgraduate school (still my senior year) taking college chemistry, calculus, and composition along with a few other classes currently getting a 3.8-4.0 (Top 5%). I am also showing much better work habits. This year I began doing community service multiple times a week. I've been working at JHU (Hopkins) for about 6 years. The first 2 were spent unpaid doing repair, network setup, and website construction in the microscope facility. The second 2 years were spent building computers for a neonatal addiction research lab. I currently am working at the cystic fibrosis lab managing and repairing their network while my main job is statistical work in gene analysis. I've done presentations for the phisiology department and, assuming a grant gets through, will be setting up co-ordination for all the aspects of gene analysis. I hope to be using RT-PCR this summer to search for the CFTR gene in mitochondria. I will be taking the SAT II in december. My current scores in prep class hover around 2300 to 2350. By the end of this school year I hope to have a patent for a subsonic projectile. By the end of summer '07 I hope to have completed construction of a formula style race car. I am also starting a small trailer business for dingy sailboats. All that being said, I am an extremely strong writer and will have many strong recomendations from math, english, and chemistry teacher(s).</p>

<p>I want to double major in chem/physics or do Eng Chem.</p>

<p>AA Ethnicity, live in Baltimore</p>

<p>Mom is an aclaimed researcher (Dr. Estelle Gauda) and on the board of graduate admissions at JHU.
Dad is a teacher
Alums at WashU, Case Western, Chicago, St. Louis U</p>

<p>So just how much of a hinderance will a ~3.25 GPA be?</p>

<p>2 Time Varsity Baseball Semi-Finalist
1 Time MVP Baseball Winner
2 Time JV Soccer Chamipion
2 Time FSAA (Friends School Athletic Award) Winner
Multiple Top 3 Sailing Awards
Sailing on an incredibly competitive international circut</p>

<p>I'm still checking this post in the school specific sections, so if you replied there I will get your message.

<p>uh....3.25? unweighted?</p>

<p>Yes, 3.25 :(</p>

<p>uhh...dude. you have such a crazy good ec's and potential for a great SAT score...</p>

<p>Of course, you do have a great chance...but i dont know whether crazy ec's offset poor gpa.</p>

<p>Wow, you seem to be brilliant but undisciplined. But I do understand that you are changing now. You should apply to Olin, where creativity counts. If you get good scores, you will have no problem at all. I imagne that you have some safety schools in addition to the above list. I tend to think that big school like BU and GWU will take you and just not worry about the GPA. Worchester Polytechnic is very project-oriented, and may be an OK safety for you. If you apply yourself, you can do well anywhere. I think that your SAT scores will be really good and that you will get into a lot of the schools from your list.</p>

<p>My college cousuler was an engineer and he recomends strongly that I take engineering in graduate school and get a strong background in physics and mathematics as an undergrad. He alluded to undergrad engineers doing stuff for kmart, while graduate engineers are doing the real stuff (biomed, aerospace, etc).</p>

<p>Oh and I short changed my dad "Dads a teacher"</p>

<p>Hes a professor at U Maryland and a clinical physician. Right now hes in africa about half the time training doctors for HIV/AIDS</p>