Chances for several colleges, Please!

<p>Hi everyone! I'm a sophomore at a high school near Chicago, Illinois. I plan on majoring in Neuroscience or Biology. If you could help chance me whether which colleges would be a match/reach/etc., that would be great!
Thanks again!</p>

<p>-Johns Hopkins University (ED)
-University of Southern California (OOS)
-Baylor University
-Northwestern University</p>

<h2>-Loyola University - Chicago</h2>

<p>Race: Caucasian Male
Location: Suburbs near Chicago, Illinois
School: Pretty good, top 10 in state.
Religion: Roman Catholic (if it matters)</p>

<h2>Hook: (Hidden due to security reasons)</h2>

<p>Recommendations: Should be excellent!
Essays: Should be amazing!
ACT Score: M-36 S-34 E-27 R-29 = 32 Composite
SAT II Scores:
Math ic - 690
BiologyE - 790
U.S.H - 800
AP Scores:
Computer Science - 4
Biology - 4
U.S.H - 5
Environmental Science - 5
Physics B - 4
Macroeconomics - 4
Calculus AB - 4
Class Rank: 35/355 (Should be around top 10%)
GPA: 3.4 W (HUGE upward trend)
Extra-Curricular activities:
Teams/Athletics School Years Hoursweek/weeksyear Position/Honors
Varsity Soccer(GK) 9,10,11,12 18 13 JV(9)V(10,11,12) MVP/MIP/CPT(11,12)
Varsity Volleyball (L) 9,10,11,12 18 13 FrA(9)JV(10)V(11,12) CPT(12)MVP
Community Ser. School Years Hoursweek/weeksyear Position/Responb.
Local hospital(60hrs) 9,10,11,12 4 15 Secretary at the front desk
Local church(120hrs) 9,10,11,12 4 15 Alter server and sharing hands.
Summer Experiences Summer(yr) Hoursweek/#weeks Description
Summer School (10,11) 25 5 To get ahead in courses.
Employment School years Hoursweek/Weeksyear Position/Responsibilities
Yard work (9,10,11,12) 4 30 Every Saturdays for whole neighborhood
Local Pool (10,11,12) 30 15 Pool Attendant/Cashier
Class act award - Grade 10
Various athletic awards - Grade 11,12</p>

<h2>Honor roll - Grade 9,10,11,12</h2>

<p>Also, I took three Community College courses and received a 4.0;
-General Biology I (A)
-General Biology II (A)
-College Algebra (A)</p>

<p>Special thanks to anyone that helps!!</p>

<p>Sorry if I'm missing something, but how have you done all of this if you're a sophomore? Like the SAT II's?</p>

<p>Sorry, I forgot to listed that i projected some of the scores.</p>