Chances for some random foreign kid?

<p>Hello College Confidential Members! I'm looking to be chanced for the Ivy League Schools. Tell me your thoughts!</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Filipino
Race: Southeast Asian (Philippines)
School: Public – Gifted Program
Location: Canada
Future Major/Minor: Business Administration/Psychology</p>


<p>Unweighted Grades
Grade 9 – 3.8
Grade 10 – 3.9
Grade 11 – GPA: 4.0
Grade 12 – GPA 4.0 (Canadian Avg. 85%+)</p>

<p>Standardized Testing</p>

<p>SAT (I)</p>

<p>Mathematics: 700
Critical Reading: 750
Writing: 740</p>

<p>SAT (II)</p>

<p>World History: 800
Physics: 750
Math I: 740</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular Activities</p>

<p>District School Board – 2 Years
Student Trustee
School Representative for the District School Board Student Council
Ambassador for District School Board Trustee</p>

<p>District School board’s Environmental Flagship Project* – 3 Years
Project Manager
Public Relations Director
Financial Director
Conference Speaker (Invited and Spoken Twice)
Featured in Media Multiple Times.
School Board Environmental Award - Silver Award 2006, Gold Award 2007</p>

<p>Junior Achievement – 2 Years
Vice President of Information Technology Services
Recipient of Website of the Year (2007) and Company of the Year (2007)
Student Ambassador</p>

<p>City Hall's Youth Advocacy Program – 2 Years
Director of Communications and Media
Member of Multiple Committees</p>

<p>Youth Involvement Inc. – 2 Years

<p>Youth Parliament of Canada – 1 Year
Senator Nominee</p>

<p>Model United Nations – 2 Years

<p>Public Speaking Club – 2 Years

<p>Thinking Club – 2 Years

<p>Investment Club – 3 Years
Placed 2rd in School Investment Competition</p>

<p>DECA – 2 Years
Provincial Competition Qualifier</p>

<p>Choir – 2 Years
Lead Baritone Singer
Operatic Singer</p>

<p>Homes For Humanity - 1 Year

<p>Other Clubs:
-School Newspaper
-Film Club
-Table Tennis Club
-Go Club
-Animation Literacy Club</p>

<p>Sports Teams:
Rugby - 1 Year
Rowing (Hobby) - 1 year</p>

Published poetry and artwork in two anthology books
Wrote and directed a movie screened at an annual art festival.
Exhibited artwork in museum
Won a national artwork contest
Made and aired a foreign trade and economics commercial on national television.</p>

<p>Recommendation Letters:
School Superintendent
Director of School board Environmental Program
Provincial President of Junior Achievement
City Hall Official</p>

In regards to a medical disease I had and how it pushed me to make the most of my life while I was still here and to improve the quality of life of this earth and all its inhabitants.</p>

<p>Applying to:
American Schools
Harvard University
Yale University
Princeton University
University of Pennsylvania</p>

<p>Canadian Schools:
Schulich School of Business
Queens University
Richard Ivey School of Business</p>

<p>European Schools (for fun):
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge</p>

<p>*I and the organization are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in renewable energies and are working together with multiple schools, school boards, and companies to provide schools with renewable resources (solar panels, wind turbines) to offset their greenhouse gases and create extra revenue for the school board. Extra revenue is mainly put towards scholarships for environmentally active youths.</p>

<p>VERY NICE. You have a really good chance at those US schools. Your ECs are brilliant, scores are not bad either. Some things that might be lacking are sport participation and also major academic prizes.</p>

<p>you have 9% chance at least at all those schools. Maybe a bit harder for harvard and wharton.</p>

<p>Sorry to break it to you, but students can only apply to either Oxford University OR Cambridge University, not both.</p>

<p>Thanks Elvito, it's not often one gets an percentage on these boards XD.</p>

<p>Thanks for that info Bowler Hat, I didn't know that.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have any advice or chance opinions to contribute? Any and all imput would be fantastic. =)</p>

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<p>Quite a good shot at all. Match I'd say. Are you the class of 2012? Just wondering, did you get into MIT?</p>

<p>If so, you're one of like 8 people in Canada to get in, and I resent you for that >_<</p>

<p>EDIT: Just looked through some of your other threads, not 2012. Either way, I'd retake that SAT, as a 2190 for top schools seems slightly weak. I'd also retake the Math I at least, perhaps the Math II instead? Physics is decent, but if you think it could be higher, go for it. Other than that, I'd say you're great.</p>

<p>Mabuhay ang republika ng pilipinas!
...LOL...I have Chinese family there(Philippines)...
you have a shot at most of those...but...those schools are whack...they often pick odd people, and whats more so they're selections are often pools of people LIKE beware...
you do have a shot...</p>


<p>I don't see anywhere on here where you list a few key things:</p>

<p>(1) What honors, APs, or IB courses have you taken?--does your school offer any of these?</p>

<p>(2) Besides the national art award, have you participated in any competitions in academics subjects like math, physics, chemistry, debate (public speaking), or in music</p>

<p>(3) While you were presdent of some of these clubs, what did they accomplish?--was there something you helped lead them in?</p>

<p>My view is you need some of the things above, plus at least an additional 80 points on the SAT for the schools you are applying to.</p>

<p>The reason: you have chosen to apply to the top 3 schools in America, plus the one that has the top business school in the country, 3 of the very top schools in Canada, and the 2 top schools (although you can only apply to one) in all of Europe.
As an international, your competition is going to be absolutely amazing--and there are very, very limited spots at these schools for international students.</p>

<p>Still, the 9% estimate above is probably fairly accurate. I think your best chances are at the Canadian schools and not at the ones in the US or the UK.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks for the response Calcruzer. I'll create a more comprehensive post as to assist the people offering advice to better assess my statistics.</p>