Chances for Spring 2011 Penn State? *Special Situation*

<p>Hi, I really want to go to Penn State University. It's my dream school and I'd do anything to go there. I seriously daydream about it haha.
But anyways here's the thing...I scored low on the ACT because I was sick, tired, barely slept because of the stress, I could swear the man giving the time was doing it wrong because when I did practice tests I always had time left..., and overall it wasn't my best day...</p>

<p>I scored a low 23 on my composite score. I'm thinking of re-taking but since I want to apply now I don't know whether I should just send those scores and see what happens or re-take it in September and send it then. I'd love to send it as soon as possible so they consider me.</p>

<p>I have a 3.69 GPA UW
I've taken no AP classes or tests BUT there's a reason for it. I live in Puerto Rico and they have none of those. It sucks because it really messes up my chances.
I barely have extracurriculars because my school has like 4 of those: choir, band, theater (which i was in), bell choir, and athletics (which I suck at)</p>

<p>I did community work on my senior year. I was recognized as an outstanding student by the Puerto Rico House of Representatives. Only a few students from selected schools are chosen. I was given a certificate and a medal for it. I was offered to be in the Shalom Honor Society at my school but resigned because of money problems.</p>

<p>I'm at the top 25% class rank. </p>

<p>See, here's the thing, anyone who knows me knows I study and work very hard for everything. My school gives a lot of work and a lot of tests in one week. Almost everything I do is study for tests. And sadly, that's not enough. </p>

<p>Maybe I can get into the 2+2 Penn State program. But I'd really love to go to University park to study at Smeal college of business. My second choice would be Altoona, just because it's closer to University Park than the other Campuses.</p>

<p>So what do you guys think? Do I have at least a tiny bit of chance to be accepted for Spring 2011, given my circumstances? And is there any way I can let the admission faculty know about the lack of extracurriculars, and AP classes?</p>

<p>Honestly, raise your GPA by a little (3.7-3.75 is best for this), and seriously raise the ACT too. </p>

<p>Your EC's aren't mad really, have a teacher/guidance counselour write in a letter of rec that there are very few avalible EC's but you excelled in all you could. Include in your essays that you worked hard volunteering for your home hoping to study in the US and help out or something. Etc.</p>

<p>Thanks, I'll try to raise it...:)</p>


<p>I think your a great match/safety for Penn State's 2+2 Program.</p>

<p>I looked at the middle 50th percentile for it's campuses, </p>

<pre><code> Middle 50th You

<p>GPA 2.96-3.46 3.69
ACT 21-25 23</p>

<p>Plus, you have the letter from your House of Reps, and seem to have a lack of resources to truly help you succeed.</p>

<p>As for University Park, your ACT really hurts you here.</p>

<p>Luckily for you, GPA accounts for 2/3 of its admissions review.</p>

<p>Thank you so much ;) That made me feel a little better...Although I really want to go to University Park, I'm trying to get used to the idea of going to Altoona first. Maybe it's exactly what I need. I mean moving from country, being alone AND being in such a crowded place may be too much of a sudden change for me...And At least I'll get to experience University Park for the last two years :)</p>

<p>As for the ACT, I'll try to retake it but should I just send the scores I have now so they consider me now which would be early? (Deadline is November 30) or should I just send everything, re-take the ACT on sept and send THOSE scores...
I hate the ACT -_- I hate the SAT even worse haha...Stupid exams ..And the thing is Puerto Rico doesn't offer test training for the ACT..I know, it sucks..!</p>

<p>But thank you so much for helping me! ;)</p>

<p>i live in PA, and attend a HS where we send around 40+ kids to main campus every year. Starting in 2010, PSU is making it harder and harder to get in directly to PSU main. Instead, they are putting more emphasis on the 2+2 program so they can let in more students from thier satelite schools. This means your chances will diminish in 2011, and with your stats, I would put main campus as a reach for you. However, there is nothing wrong with toon town (what we call Altoona) for 2 years. Work hard, and you're guarenteed a spot in University Park. and trust me, Penn State Main is the definition of a crowded party school. Not where I would want to start off in a new country</p>

<p>Thank you for your help! Your post definitely made me feel better...I have thought that maybe starting at Altoona is the best thing to do...I at least hope I get accepted into Altoona. Thank you very much ;)</p>