Chances for Stanford

<p>SAT I: 2210
MAth: 800
Reading: 630, will be retaken for in October...i know i can top 700
SATII:Math 2C- 800, Bio M-690m will take Chemistry and US History in Novmeber....very good at those subjects</p>

<p>GPA:UW: 3.98
GPA:W: 4.82</p>

<p>Sophomore Classes:
AP US Government-(A/A)-----------------4 on AP
AP Computer Science- (A/A)--------------4 on AP
Honors Chemistry- (A/A)
Honors Physics- (A/A)
Honors Spanish 3- (A/A)
Honors English 10- (A/A)
Honors Precalculus- (A/A)</p>

<p>Junior Classes:
AP World History- (A/A)---------------4 on AP
AP Calculus BC- (A/A)-----------------------5 on BC, 5 AB Subscore
AP Biology (double period with lab)-(A/A)---------------5 on AP
AP Language and COmposition-(A/A)-----------------5 on AP
AP Statistics- (A/A)-------------------4 on AP
Honors Spanish 4- (A/A)</p>

<p>Senior Courseload:</p>

<p>AP English Literature
AP US History
C++ Programming
AP (post-AP)-Multivariable Calc with Diff. Eqns.
AP Psychology
AP Physics
Chemistry 101 (equivalent to AP Chem) in Local college</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:</p>

<p><strong><em>Working on research on energy efficiency</em></strong> will apply for the Intel STS.
<strong>Building a robot with a team of 4 people to compete in the BattleBots competition.</strong>
<strong>FOUNDER and President of the Science and Engineering Club</strong>
President of the Debate Team
Vice President of the Young Republicans
Member of National Honors Society
Member of Math Honors Society
Varsity Tennis-Letter earner
Member of the South Asian Student Association
Rubik's Cube Club
DDR Club
Mathematics Team
Piano-8 years, played in many recitals</p>

<p>Community Service-413 hours
-Worked in Local Hospital
-Worked in Retirement Home
-Worked in Summer Camps
-Worked in Library</p>

<p>Work Experience
-Paid Intern at Medifacts International
-Paid Intern at Smithsonian's National Science Resources Center</p>

<p>Awards and Recognitions
AP Scholar With Distinction
National Merit Commended
Maryland Distinguished Scholar
Finalist of WorldCon Science Essay Contest...essay is online at their website
Intel STS Applicant
Siemens Applicant</p>

<p>Special Talents- know 4 languages-English, Hindi, Marathi, and have a working knowledge of spanish</p>

<p>Looks good.</p>