Chances for Stern RD

<p>Hey everyone, I'm 17/m from Long Island, NY and thinking of applying to Stern regular decision. What are my chances?</p>

<p>SAT I: V 750 M 710 (1460)
V 740 M 760 (1500)
SAT II: Writing 760, US history, 760, MathIIC 790, MathIC 720, Chem 710
GPA (weighted): 4.96 rank (2 or 3 out of 300)
APs: Chem, Physics C, Calc BC, AP European, AP American...all 5's
Senior AP classes: Statistics, english, spanish, bio, government</p>

-Foreign Language, Math, and National Honors societies
-Mock Trial (11-12) President 12 - won 2nd place in county
-Chess Team (9-12) Co-captain (11,12) - 2nd place in county. Played chess since i was 6 and have many tournamnet awards before high school.
-Model UN - (11-12) Business Manager and Executive Officer (12)- raise advertising from local businesses for a new political paper released this year.
-Science Club (10-12) Business Manager (12) - work to boost membership in the club +organizing first ever Science Day in our school
-Quiz Bowl (10-12) Co-captain (11-12)
-JV Track (9-12)
-Newspaper (10-12) staff writer
-Science Research (10-12) original experiment...entering Intel...have won several competition awards
-Student Action Movement (12) Co-founder and Co-president...created to combat student apathy and raise awareness of political issue...organized mock presidential debate in front of the whole school
-Work - job at local library (11-12)
-USA Math Talent Search (9-12) independent math program</p>

<p>Awards - usual stuff, science research competition awards, chess awards, principals high honor roll, Silver and Bronze Prizes for USAMTS, etc...</p>

<p>My first choice right now ED is Wharton UPenn. If i dont get in Stern is my second choice. Also, what other good business schools are there? Thanks...</p>

<p>You have a pretty good shot at Stern ED. In fact, i would think that you are a lock considering your excellent SAT 2's and academic successes. I dont know if it would make a difference, but if i were you i would try to get an 800 in math. Also, you have plenty of extra-curricular successes. You are have a competetive shot at Wharton ED. Also, you should try NorthWestern; they have an excellent business school.</p>

<p>Thanks...i'll look into it. What do you think of U Michigan? </p>

<p>Any other comments on my stats.</p>

<p>jake where u from in LI?</p>

<p>lol i don't feel like saying it here...never know who's watching...i'm from nassau county tho...if ur from there...send me a message...but what do u think of my chances?</p>