Chances for Stetson admission.

<p>I'm a Florida resident.
Unweighted GPA: 3.10
Weighted: 4.40
Taken all honors classes and a couple AP.
Extracurricular: Book club(president), photography club, Teens for Christ, Free the Children, medical assisting club (President/vice president), student government (vice president).
Post-Secondary: Currently enrolled in vocational school for medical assisting.
ACT: 20
SAT: Reading:500 Math:500 Writing:400</p>

<p>Although my GPA nor my test scores are high, is there a possibility? This is my first choice.
The others are:UCF, Rollins, USF, Hartford, FGCU, and Valencia as a last resort.</p>

<p>id be a little suprised if u didnt get in but what do i know. ucf and usf are great schools to.</p>