Chances for SUNYs

93.50 overall GPA with good improvement, from low 80s/90s for 9th/10th to mid 90s 11th and 100+ 12th. 1460 SAT, 740 R/W and 720 Math. Also my regents sort of look bad because all of them are from 9th/10th, and most of them are low-mid 80s. I also have terrible scores for Spanish, around 70, so I am very concerned about how SUNY schools might view my regents.

What are my chances for SUNY Buffalo, Stony Brook, and Binghamton?

I think you will get into at least one, if not two or all of those you listed above. Does your school have a good history of sending students to those schools? Regents definitely matter, but, your GPA is on par with those schools and the SAT is above average, both of which are indicative of your current success. Make sure to do well on your first semester this year as well, and make sure those colleges see those grades. Good luck!

Most of my school’s graduates tend to go to Buffalo, so I am fairly sure I should at least get in there. I am not sure about the other two although, especially Binghamton. Thanks for the reply!

The SUNY Admissions Quick Facts lists the mid-50th percentile GPA and test scores. You can check to see how yours compare.

A 1450 is at the upper end of the mid-50th percentile of Binghamton’s test scores, but a 93 GPA is at the lower end of their GPA range, so that might be a reach. Your SAT is in the upper 75th percentile for both Stony Brook and Buffalo, but your GPA is in the middle of the range, so they might be a match.