Chances for Syracuse (Newhouse), Boston U, NYU, and others

<p>Rising senior, Black female from Pennsylvania who attends a relatively large, relatively strong public school (not sure of the ranking, but we've sent several people to Ivies this past year). Interested in a Communications/Journalism major.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA is 3.17, unsure of weighted and ranking at this point. All classes have been honors (or slightly less than honors, no mainstream aside from a few electives)</p>

<p>SAT I (highest/superscore): 1740/1800, retaking in Oct. No SAT IIs taken yet.
APs: Jr. -- Eng Lang (3), US History
Sr. -- Psych, US Gov, Stats, Bio, Eng Lit
Student Newspaper (10th to current, Layout Editor)
Crew (9th to current)
African American CAS(Honors) Student Union (9 to current)
NHS (10 to current)
Women's Student Union (10 to current)
Amnesty International (11 to current)</p>

<p>Summer- pre 9 and pre 10...College/Sat Prep program at Pitt called Investing Now
pre 11...Leadership Workgroup sponsored by my school.
Community Service- Volunteer "intern" for an out of state Learn to Row program
Work- Year-round cashier at a local supermarket (Summer before 11 to current)</p>

<p>I plan on applying to Syracuse, Boston U, NYU, Temple, Penn State, and WVU so far.
I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have as well, s'il vous plait.</p>

<p>don't mind me, just bumping my post here.</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance at many of the schools you are applying to. I think your SAT scores are kind of low for BU, NYU, and Syracuse (their journalism school is ultra-competitive) and your grades could use some improvement, but really emphasize your interest in journalism in your application and get killer recommendations and I could easily see you get into any of them. If you wouldn't mind, could you chance me?</p>

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<p>welcome to college confidential!
I also one who will major in journalism and plan to apply to SU (newhouse) and NYU
and will retake in october</p>

<p>Hoping we both can get in wherever we want. ^_^</p>

<p>Try your best too get 1850+ on the SAT. Definitely try at get a 4.0 this upcoming semester, as well. I know for sure BU and NYU emphasizes a ton on your entrance essay(s), so really put in a lot of work on those. I applied to Syracuse, NYU, BU, and Penn State. Got into Syracuse, BU, and Penn State; waitlisted at NYU. I also had a 3.4 unweighted gpa and 27 ACT score, and 1800 SAT score. I spent a ton of time on the essays (3-4 months, revising over with three teachers), emphasized on ECs and took hard classes. I think you have a good chance if you write some good essays and keep your grade as high as possible for this upcoming semester. I don't know much about WVU, but I know that you have a decent shot at Temple.</p>

<p>HEY! I am applying to Syracuse, NYU, and BU as well! However I think I am going to apply undecided or directly to their film programs or business programs. You really need to have a killer essay and killer teacher recommendations because those are VERY important to the admissions. I just got back from visiting NYU and they strongly emphasized on extracurriculars and showing the potential to be a leader. I hope this helps and I hope you get in!!</p>