Chances for Syracuse

<p>-3.99 GPA U/W
-4.03 GPA W
-30 ACT
-600/650/730 SAT
-Top 10 in class of about 300
-6 APs by the time I graduate (US (4), Euro, US Gov, Stats, Lit, Lang)
-College level Chinese
-All A's on transcript with the exception of Chinese, pre-calc, and freshman honors English (B's)</p>

<p>-Football coach's assistant
-Football statistician
-Service Club
-Theatre (cast)
-School newspaper, chief editor
-School magazine, copy editor
-First senior in my school's broadcast journalism program, chief editor
-Trying to get job shadows</p>

<p>-National Society of High School Scholars
-National Honor Society
-People to People Student Ambassador
-Junior Marshall (school specific service)</p>

<p>Appliyng ED to Newhouse for broadcast journalism</p>