Chances for top 50?

<p>GPA: 3.73 UW (school doesn't weight or rank)
SAT: Super 2230 (680 CR, 780 M, 770 W) Retaking in October
Taking ACT in September, aiming for >34</p>

<p>SAT II: Physics, Math 2, Chem - all 800's
AP's: US History - 4, Calc AB - 5, Physics B - 5, Psych - 5
Senior year: French, Lit/comp, Physics C (both), Chem, Calc BC, Econ (both)</p>

<p>Varsity swimming 3 years. Captain senior year
Oboe playing since 6th grade. All county (Nassau) every year since 8th grade. Accepted into all state 2011 (12th grade). I'm the principal oboist of Children's Orchestra Society, which is run by Michael Dadap and Yeou-Cheng Ma. I will mostly likely win its competition, therefore performing in Lincoln Center in May 2012.
Member of the math team. I haven't done anything noteworthy in past years, but I finished 13th in Nassau County overall and qualified for the All-star team. Finished second in NYSML as a team, and competed at ARML.
I volunteer at a hospital every Sunday morning, doing various jobs and errands. About 200 hours.
I am currently lifeguarding for the summer, full-time from July to Labor day.
I was accepted into Columbia SHP freshman year.
I got a 30 on Physics Bowl (Division 1), and I tied for second in NY, Ontario, and Quebec combined.</p>

<p>Planning to major in physics/engineering
Currently applying to:
- Cornell
- Illinois
- Michigan
- Chicago
- Duke
- Vanderbilt
And a bunch of safeties</p>

<p>I was going over my list, and I realized that my only real reach was Chicago, but I also don't have the grades for most of the other ivies. Any other suggestions for some good schools?</p>

<p>If you want some good schools that aren't Ivies, you should probably consider:</p>

<p>Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, and Boston College. You have a good chance at all of those schools. Your grades and test scores aren't that bad so you should still consider some Ivies to go along with Chicago as reaches.</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>How about Wash U.</p>

<p>What would you say my chances are at other ivies? I really doubt that I have a fighting chance at most of them besides Dartmouth, which I probably won't be going to since I'm an engineer.</p>