Chances for Top Business Schools (UMich, UIUC, UVA, NYU, Indiana - Bloomington, etc.)


I am currently a high school sophomore and I am wondering about my chances for these business schools and I would greatly appreciate it if you chanced me.

{Chinese Male, however I can probably pass as Indonesian/Filipino (disadvantaged Asian minority? not sure)}

UW GPA : 92.24, not sure how this is converted to a 4.0 scale, I performed horridly freshman year but this year I’ve been able to get it up. I believe I will be able to maintain the upward trend through junior year.

Courseload :

/Freshman Year
Honors Physics
Honors English
Honors World Studies
Honors Algebra 2

/Sophomore Year
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus AB (skipped precalculus)
Honors English (no AP offered in 10th grade)
“Regular” US History (only AP and the regular level history are offered, otherwise I would have taken honors)

/Junior Year (planned)\
AP Physics C
AP Calculus C
AP English & Lang.
AP Economics
AP Computer Science
“Regular” US History

I have not taken any standardized tests yet, but I plan on taking the (new) SAT and the ACT. I scored a 34 composite on an ACT practice exam, however I am not sure if that number is completely reliable. I am anticipating to score at least a 4 on all my AP exams (except for maybe chemistry). This spring I am taking Math II and Latin SAT subject tests. This year I am taking 2 APs, chemistry and calculus AB. Junior year I am planning on taking 6, micro & macroeconomics, both AP Physics C tests, AP Computer Science, and possibly AP English, though I may self study one (something easy like human geo). I’m not exactly sure which 6 I will be taking junior year, but I am definitely aiming for a total of 8 for AP scholar by the end of the school year.

JV Soccer (will be on varsity junior year)
Science Olympiad Captain (good shot of obtaining the position junior year)
Unpaid Internship at Local Chemical Manufacturing Company
Class Treasurer (good shot of obtaining the position junior year)
DECA Chapter Founder (no DECA chapter at my high school, will most likely form one)

I haven’t volunteered much, but this summer I will most likely be able to get a large amount done.

My main concern for my college application is my GPA, it is definitely not up to par. However, my school is a competitive NJ one with heavy course rigor, and has been featured in lists like “Smartest High Schools in the US,” if that has any merit, but I think colleges may disregard it. Further, I know of around 4-5 people in my grade of around 400 kids who have been able to maintain straight As in their AP classes, so perhaps it’s not that competitive? To put it into perspective, in this year’s graduating class, there has been at least 1 student admitted to every Ivy League school, with the exception of Yale and Stanford (I heard that we were blacklisted from Stanford over some ED issue).

If you could chance me for some of the top business schools it would really help me out!

Edit - I forgot some of my ECs

Technology Student Association (Treasurer now, most likely VP by senior year)
Peer Leaders (basically freshman counseling, good shot at getting in next year)

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Keep working on your EC’s. An internship at a chemical manufacturer is going to mean nothing in business school admissions. Try to get an internship in the field you want to get into. As long as you can get a 34 on your ACT, any of those schools are possible. I think you will have no problem at UIUC and Inidiana, but UVA and NYU could be tough. If you really want NYU stern, then apply ED since the RD acceptance rate is in the single digits. Good Luck and keep working hard!


Thanks for the reply! Judging from your username, I assume you have similar career interests. Are there any programs or well known opportunities that introduce the business world that you know of?

I got into Stern this year, and what I think helped me was my internship that I had the summer going into my Senior year. I basically just observed and helped a financial advisor for a little over a month, since I am hoping to go into finance.I don’t really know of any programs, other than DECA or FBLA, which might be at your school.


Yeah, besides FBLA and DECA, we don’t have much at our school. In terms of ECs, I believe I may be able to intern at my town’s Department of Finance. Since my town is tiny (the only reason why our town is on the map is because of the local shoprite), I’m not exactly sure what the department even does. Do you think it’s an opportunity worth pursuing ?


@rtfugb Definitely. Pretty much any experience that somewhat relates to what you want to pursue (even if its not in the ideal setting) would be valuable as it is technically an internship.