Chances for top LACs

School Type: best girls' boarding school in the United Kingdom (grades 6-12)
Location: New York
Other: White, female, US dual citizen, upper middle class, two siblings at university, not applying for financial aid</p>

<p>SAT I: 2100 (720r/610m/770w)
SAT II: Literature 750, Physics 650, Maths 620
(not impressive- hopefully colleges will recognise that we have a different syllabus)
GPA: N/A</p>

Philosophy and Ethics (A)
English Literature (A)
Maths (A)
Physics (A)
(this is a public exam taken at the end of 11th grade- maximum grade is A) </p>

Philosophy and Ethics (A)
English Literature (A)
Physics (A)
(taken at the end of 12th grade- these scores are official predictions from the school used for UK applications)</p>

<p>Rec's: good I hope, two teachers who have known me for 7 years</p>

<p>Essay: good I think (proof-read by 1 person)</p>

Piano (11 years)
Flute (3 years -ABRSM Grade 3 out of 8)
Sailing (10 years)- extensive awards, recruited
Sailing Instructor past two summers- better paid job lined up for this summer
Judo (5 years)
Community Service (1 hour a week Senior year)</p>

<p>Applying to:
Carleton (legacy)
Dartmouth (had a good interview- no interviews from the others)
Swarthmore (godmother is a trustee)

<p>I am aware of my lack of safety schools- can you recommend any appropriate schools still accepting applications?</p>

<p>Be as blunt as you like, thanks in advance...</p>

<p>Wow people here must be really nice if they aren't jumping at the chance to be as mean as they want...</p>

<p>bump please chance?</p>

<p>how many students from your high school go to these colleges? also, does your high school rank? if so, what is your rank? your SAT scores are such that the admissions offices will likely want to know how good a student you are relative to your peers before admitting you. that is to say, they're good, but boosted substantially by your writing score, which is worrisome.</p>

<p>No my school does not rank, or if it does it is just internally (I have seen everything that they sent to my colleges and no rank is given).</p>

<p>My school sends about 10/100 students to american universities per year, but most of them to well known or ivy league because they are practically all people here know about.
It is therefore unlikely that the small colleges I have applied to have people from my school (although I know of one at Williams).</p>

<p>I know what you mean with my writing score- are writing scores largely ignored by colleges?</p>

<p>they aren't ignored, but the SAT core is the Math and Reading. is it possible for you to retake your SATs in order to score higher in Math? the SAT math is very learnable. </p>

<p>this will be very important for all your schools, but your scores will likely keep you out of dartmouth at least, should you not retake them. if you apply to bowdoin, i would recommend submitting the writing score only and suppressing your M/V scores on your application. </p>

<p>other than that, your application looks strong. the SATs are an easy fix with some concerted effort, so i think you're in a good place. but they are, for all the schools up there save bowdoin, an important part of the application. and, if you end up submitting your scores to bowdoin, they would be important there as well. </p>

<p>if you get them up, i say your chances are excellent at many of these schools.</p>

<p>try Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana. Small (1600 students) Catholic women's college - great liberal arts, great school, beautiful campus, great professors, intimate, nurturing, community orientated - very empowering for women to be at an all women's college. But, SMC offers the best of both worlds - all the benefits of being at a small school, along with all the benefits of being at a large school, as Notre Dame (11,000 students) is literally just across the street. You can take classes there (1 per semester, non-major) study at the library there, eat in the dining halls there, and most of your social life is over there (since that is where the men are!) with Dances, parties, and of course, football games, basketball games, etc. </p>

<p>I graduated from SMC many years ago and just went to my reunion there this summer - it is so beautiful there (as is ND) and the school never ceases to impress me. Email them, being an all women's college, they have a high acceptance rate (but the academic profile of students is high), you might be able to still be considered. IT IS A GREAT SCHOOL!</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replies- I don't think I mentioned that I'm a senior so I guess I'm stuck with these SAT scores...
Hopefully colleges will look at my public exam results more as these are the once I was actually taught for.</p>

<p>St Mary's sounds awesome, but I've been at an all girl's school for 7 years so I'm not really looking at women's colleges :-)</p>