Chances for top schools, feeling really desperate :(

<p>Graduating in 2011, horrible test scores, do I even have a chance at top schools? I'm applying to UChicago, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UMich (safety). Despite my scores, I'm actually not a bad writer. I'm not worried about the essays at all; one of my teachers helped me try to publish one of my humanities research essays.</p>

<p>SAT I
Math- 800
Writing- 700
CR- 600</p>

Math 2- 800
Biology- 780</p>


<p>AP (all 5's for tests taken)
2008- Chemistry
2009- Biology, US History
2010- Calculus BC, Physics C: Mech, English Lang+Comp, US Gov
2011- Statistics, Psychology, *Dual Enrollment- Multivariable Calc, Physics C: E+M</p>

<p>GPA- 4.0 Unweighted
Honors/AP in all courses</p>

Science Olympiad Team- 2 Regional Titles, 2 State Ranks (in Michigan- most competitive state, winners always place in top 4 at nationals), lots of individual medals at all levels (2009- Astronomy, Egg-O-Naut; 2010- Ornithology, Physics Lab, Experimental Design, Cell Biology)</p>

<p>Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition (school doesn't do USA_O competitions) Finalist</p>

<p>Currently working on Siemens Competition project with professor @ UMich in nuclear energy from Thorium</p>

<p>Music-State-ranked Cellist (3rd Chair All-State), top awards at numerous competitions, plays in two quartets (one State-ranked), school orchestra, Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra, Fiddlers Restrung (see below)
Taking/teaching private lessons (working on Barber Concerto- if any musician knows what that means...)</p>

<p>Fiddlers Restrung (hard to explain, HUGE time commitment)- Fiddle group that plays over 80 gigs a year, mostly for charity, including international tours and big venues (Ex- Detroit Hoedown- shared the stage with Lady Antebellum)- lots of teaching younger kids and volunteer work involved</p>

<p>Volunteer Work- Taught summer orchestra and fiddling programs, lots of charity gigs for Fiddlers Restrung, working with YArts Detroit to bring music programs to the inner city</p>

<p>Tutoring- coordinated and tutored in the school's mandatory tutoring program for failing students</p>

<p>Future Problem Solvers (again hard to explain)- competition involving writing about hypothetical scenarios in the future; State ranked, worked to retool curriculum at local alternative high school</p>

<p>National Honor Society- Member, volunteer, etc.</p>

<p>Please help, and be honest!</p>

<p>As you already know, your SATI score is the outlier on the downside. Any chance of taking it in October? It really can be conquered through focused and effective study.</p>

<p>my parents really don't want me to retake the test; they think the scores are good as is! Should I just submit the ACT and SAT II tests then?</p>

my parents really don't want me to retake the test; they think the scores are good as is!


The score is good but your other stats beg for a higher SAT score. A 2300-2380 SAT will make you more competitive. You only have one more chance to take SAT but lots of opportunities to do research. Study like crazy and prove you are as good as other top applicants. See if <a href=""&gt;;/a> helps you.</p>

<p>Scores are not as important as people seem to think. If you write a great essay you will be fine. Once you to 2050 on SAT or 30 on ACT you are a competitive applicant. Just focus on that essay.
Chance me?
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<p>I recommend retaking the SAT (although a 2100 isn't that bad). All of your other test scores are great, and having a rock solid SAT (2300+) will increase your chances of getting into HYPM.</p>

<p>Out of your list you will get into UofM and maybe UChicago. Princeton would be your best shot out of the rest.</p>

<p>All facts contained in common data sets show anonymous to be completely incorrect. Just send ACT, but they are major reaches.</p>

<p>As Redroses states just send ACT. I'm not sure why Red says all are reaches. You have Mich on your list as a safety. Maybe not a safety but a good solid match for you. Your EC's are really strong but not enough to get you a realistic shot at your Ivy list of schools. I think you have a fair shot at UChicago.</p>

<p>Missed Michigan, it is a match.</p>