Chances For Top Schools for an Early Graduate

<p>Hello everyone! I am currently a junior in one of the top school districts in Ohio. I am graduating a year early (2013) for two very important reasons which I will explain soon. I am applying REA to Stanford, and regular decision to Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago and UPenn.</p>

<p>The "hard" numbers:
-GPA: 4.5426 (as of end of sophomore year)
-Taking all of the hardest courses offered in my school
-Rank: 1 of 806</p>

-Event Leader in Public Forum Debate (Formal Leadership Role - Also, a state qualifier)
-Founder and President of School Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America
-Research Associate at The Ohio State University (4 years)
----I have been researching the molecular mechanism underlying cardiac arrhythmias for the last 4 years, and am in the process of co-authoring 3 publications. I have also worked to get a grant from the NIH which my lab and I were recently awarded.<br>
-Designated Member of Spanish National Honor Society
-Science Fair</p>

-Named as an Honorary Fellow of the American Junior Academy of Sciences (AJAS)
-Designated in Ohio as a John H. and Ruth Melvin Memorial STEM Scholar
-Two time recipient of Student of The Year
-Top 5 Paper Presenter at The Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
-State Qualifier in Public Forum Debate and Science Fair
-Ohio Delegate to the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
-Multiple scholarships for outstanding research in biomedical sciences</p>

<p>Justification for Graduating Early: To focus my time and efforts in a university setting which will enable me to spend more time in my studies of cellular physiology, and allow myself to publish the papers I am currently working on. In addition, I yearn for challenge in the field I wish to pursue, which can only come through meeting people with similar interests at the university level.</p>

<p>My counselors really appreciated the individualism in my essays, and I chose teachers who truly understand my passion for science and believe in my potential to contribute to science. I am an Indian-American male, and my passion for scientific research epitomizes all of my hard work and efforts. I am very concentrated in the field, and my EC's were based on that passion. What do you think my chances are? Thanks for your help everyone!</p>

<p>Whoops forgot to include my volunteering!</p>

<p>Gurukul Summer Camp Counselor - One week summer camp in which children stayed at a Hindu Temple, and I was responsible for enriching children from age 6 to age 15 in the art of living.</p>