Chances for top schools?

<p>I am a caucasian female from PA, and will probably apply to Yale, Princeton, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Georgetown, Columbia and U Chicago. My GPA is 4.2 weighted (an A in an honors class is a 4.3), about 3.9 unweighted, and the only class I have gotten B/B+s (with A- 10th grade) in is math. The class is extremely difficult (a level above honors) and my school is one of the best in the state. My school has a lot of prerequisites for AP classes, so after my senior year I will have only taken 2 English (writing/composition), Biology, French, and Math, but all of my other classes are honors or above.
I have not taken the SATs/Acts yet, but based on practice tests, my Act should be around 34-36, and my SATs should be around 750-800 in each subject.
My main strength is languages, and I take both french and spanish. I taught myself spanish 1 the summer after freshman year, so am a year behind, but I still take it at the honors level. I am very close to fluent in french, and will go to french camp this summer. I have been teaching myself chinese for the last year and a half, and went to a chinese immersion camp for two weeks. Last summer, I went to tanzania for a month and a half, on a program where the students basically run the whole trip. We volunteered at a primary school and climbed kilimanjaro (I am hoping this will be helpful for essays). Before the trip, I taught myself some swahili, and am now learning Italian (mostly reading). I also just applied for a scholarship program through the state department that would send me to China for six weeks to learn the language and culture.
I am in the National Honor Society, have done concert/marching band for all of high school (I am a squad leader for marching), and am in my school's honors chorus. I am in Model UN, and will soon be part of a club helping the school we volunteered at in africa (as soon as it is approved.) I have done ballet for the last five years, and am very involved in the school musical. I volunteered at my local art center for about 40 hours during the summer, and participate in my school's thanksgiving charity dinner every year. I also did flute ensemble sophomore year (the only year it was offered). I got 10th place in the french national test in 8th grade, 5th place in 10th grade, and would have been 7th place in 9th grade, but my school didn't turn the scores in on time. I am hoping to get in the top three this year/ next year as well. I also received the PTO service award in 8th grade (I was the only recipient). </p>

<p>For brown, in 7th and 8th grade I was part of a very unique program that lets students design their own curriculum, and learning was very project/ discussion based. I am hoping that this will help me for essays because of brown's open curriculum. Also, my mom went to medical school at georgetown. I have been thinking about oxford, but don't know if I have a shot at getting in. Sorry for the really long post, and thanks for any input!</p>

<p>If you really can get those projected SAT I, SAT II and ACT scores, then:
Medium Reach: Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia and U Chicago.
Low Reach: Johns Hopkins, Georgetown
Match: Tufts</p>

<p>Can't give any chances without actual SAT/ACT scores.</p>

<p>But based on your grades and EC's, you are clearly on the right track of being a very strong applicant. But without the SAT/ACT score, can't say for sure.</p>