Chances for top schools...

<p>Chances for Wharton (ED, Business and Public Policy), Princeton (econ or orfe), Duke (econ or public policy), Northwestern (MMSS), Cornell (PAM), Brown (COE) Dartmouth (MSS).</p>

<p>White-Male (midwest, not hooked)</p>

<p>gpa unweighted: 4.0
(hardest possible schedule)</p>


<p>SAT II:
Math II: 800
Physics: 800
Chemistry: 770</p>

All 5s: Human Geography, Chemistry, Micro Econ, Macro Econ, US History, Physics B, Calc BC, Calc AB</p>

<p>Awards: AMC12 school winner (3000 students), AIME Qualifier, National Latin Exam gold medalist and silver medalist, elected senator at boy's state, model citizen award for county at boy's state, 1st team all conference lacrosse, leadership award for lacrosse, authored legislation in state senate, nominated to be on student panel to select schools principle</p>

<p>ECs: work 10 hours a week for small business, internship for us congresswoman, math tutoring, leadership training program for underclassmen, teenage ministry leader and organizer for church, church lector, church retreat leader/organizer, volunteer for chamber of commerce, trumpet in jazz band (2nd chair), write own economics blog ( Walking With Keynes ), lacrosse (4 year varsity, captain), model un, currently working on project that should decrease the number of misreported attendances in my school (not sure whether i will complete it by the time i apply)</p>

<p>Should I apply ED to Wharton? Or my chances too slim and I should apply ED to a little bit easier school to get into?</p>

<p>If Wharton's your first choice, then I'd say definitely go ED. I'd say you're as good an applicant as any and you'd most likely have at least a decent shot. Even if you get deferred, you'll still probably have a reasonable shot Regular Decision there, and any of the other schools as well.</p>

<p>Any chance you wanna respond to my thread?
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<p>I'd say with a great degree of certainty he is a good match at Duke, Nortwestern, and Cornell. I think his best shot here would be Penn ED as jgorman suggested however he may not want to limit his options IF it is not his clear-cut frontrunner. I think the next school with the best shot for him is Dartmouth. Brown seems to be the one Ivy that most closely resembles HYPSM for their admission selectivity and unpredictable nature. Princeton will be his biggest reach, just like it is for everyone. Hopefully, he has some good A- schools on his list also, just in case....</p>

<p>so do you think wharton ed is a good decision if its my first choice?</p>

<p>how about northwestern mmss?</p>