Chances for transfer JMU,UVA,Virginia Tech?

<p>I am current student at a Northern Virginia Community College and have applied for transfer to these schools: GMU,JMU, UVA,Virginia Tech. The reason why my GPA is a bit low is because I was working full time my first year and it was hard to balance out my school work and my full time job. I am in my last semester here and my cum. GPA will likely rise to a 3.15-3.2 by the end of this semester. What are my chances to each of these schools please? </p>

<p>GPA: 2.94, 50 Credits (Earned)
SAT I Score: CR: 620, Math:560, Writing: 560 , total: 1740. </p>

<p>Accepted: GMU

<p>bumpp....please someone</p>

<p>anyone? please? D;</p>

<p>I think you've got a pretty good shot at VT and JMU (and congrats on Mason)! I don't think UVA will be all that attainable, though. :(</p>

<p>if your gpa rises to what you predicted you will probably get JMU as well</p>