Chances for transferring to BC

So I was waitlisted and then rejected from Boston College last year which was my top choice, and have spent this year at my State school (not particularly renowned/competitive, very STEM focused and I’m a liberal arts major.) I feel as if I have a decent chance, but I’m not quite sure how much more competitive it is to transfer in?

SAT I: 2040, 610 M, 710 R, 720 W
SAT II: 630 US History, 740 Lit (not sure if I should send these)
High School GPA: 101/100, unweighted isn’t shown on transcript and I don’t know what it would be
College GPA: 4.0
High School Rank: 2nd
AP: Lit 5, Lang 5, US History 4, World History 3
I also took five college classes over the course of my junior and senior year in high school and received A’s in all of them
At my University I’m in the honors college and after this semester is over will haven taken 4 honors classes. I’ve also taken a statistics class, two sciences, one which is a lab science, 200 level english classes, and microeconomics. I’m pretty sure I’m on track this semester to get another 4.0, and I’m confident I’ll be at a 3.7+ if not

High School
3 Sport Athlete, NHS, Vice President of service club, attended Girl’s State and was a junior counselor at Girl’s State

Member of a sorority in which I was chosen to be a new member liaison, and an internship related to field I’m applying to. I also have a job and have been working a few hours a week since starting college.

Intended Major: Applying to communications, but I’m currently an English major. This change is explained in my transfer essay. I’m sliiightly worried about the essays because I’m having a bit of a hard time with the prompts, but I’m sure I’ll figure something and I have a strong background in English, so I think they should be good.