Chances for Tufts, Brandeis, BC?

<p>Hello everyone, new to the forum, and wondering about my chances at some schools :D.</p>

<p>GPA's(unweighted freshman year, weighted afterwards, transfer student)

<p>Classes taking in junior year Honors Physics, AP calc A/B, AP US history 2, AP government, AP macro, AP lang&comp, spanish 3 honors, english honors.</p>

<p>Classes that will be taken senior year.
AP physics, AP statistics, AP Literature, Spanish 4 Honors, AP European history</p>

<p>SAT's(once so far, going to take again)
Reading 670
Math 770
Writing 660</p>

<p>ACT's 32</p>

Interact(community service club)
Spartunes(Musicians club, play bass, also the president this year and next year)
NHS(president next year)
Jazz band (3 years, bass guitar)
Living Legacy(community service/video editing club for the town)(only 3 people in this club)
Extended Detention(I play bass for the teacher's band at the school)
Tri-M honors society</p>

<p>I'm almost positive I'm early decisioning at Tufts next year, what do you guys think, am I being realistic?</p>

<p>Oh! Edit:
I'm also White(but really middle eastern =/) from New Jersey as well.
Also, I've worked for 3 summers as a counselor at a camp for gifted and talented students and did a law program at georgetown.(Interested in International Relations)</p>

<p>No one?

<p>Someone likes Boston...... :) </p>

<p>I think you have a great chance at Brandeis. I really do think you'll get in there. I'm assuming your first choice is Tufts because it's known for its internationalism. Tufts is definitely great if you're pursuing that sort of field I think that you have a shot at Tufts, but it's a reach. Go ahead and ED, you definitely have a shot. BC, in terms of chances, is similar to Tufts.</p>

<p>Have you actually visited Brandeis? Great school, but the campus and all the buildings are a complete mess. Not to mention the nearly non-existent library.</p>

Great school, but the campus and all the buildings are a complete mess.


<p>Yeah, I never got the "modern" buildings that remind me of MIT that are mixed in with a castle. </p>

<p>I applied there, but even I'm not impressed by the campus. The good part about it is that it's practically in Boston. :)</p>

<p>10 minutes from Boston and Waltham is a great town. Like I said, I just couldn't get over the physical problems with the school. I took a tour through some dorms and there was 20-year-old carpeting, missing ceiling tiles, and a kinda rank smell of sewage.</p>

<p>I've visited all of them so far :D</p>