Chances for Tufts, Brandeis, WashU, and schools like them?

I’ll try to keep this brief (as I possibly can)- thanks for your time.

I used to want to go into theatre, but now I discovered my passion for learning and science. That’s why I took mostly arts and non-honors courses until junior year ):

Tufts ED
Brandeis, Georgetown, WashU, AmericanU, safeties for RD
Applying for a major in Environmental Studies and minors in Public Policy/Music

Very competitive college prep school. 21 APs but only physically possible to take about 9sih (most do 2 to 5). The school is honestly evil in regards to class choices- you have to be in a “track” to take most AP courses, so you can’t just take whatever you want. Also, a lot of classes are already really hard so there’s no honors available.

CLASSES: (nha = no honors available)
9th grade

  • Physics 1 (nha)
  • Freshman Seminar (required)
  • Mandarin 2 (nha)
  • English 1 (nha)
  • Drama (nha)
  • Geometry and algebra (non-honors)
  • Modern World History (nho)
    10th grade
  • Algebra 2 (non honors)
  • Mandarin 3 (nha)
  • English 2 (nha)
  • Chamber (advanced) Choir (nha)
  • Dance (nha)
  • Chemistry (nha)
  • Regular U.S. History
    11th grade
  • Biology (nha)
  • Political Rhetoric (honors)
  • Mandarin 4 (honors)
  • Advanced Pre-Calc (advanced, but non-honors)
  • Sustainable Engineering (nha)
  • AP Lang
    12th grade
  • AP Calc BC
  • Environmental Science (nha)
  • AT Mandarin (honors) (no AP offered)
  • AP Statistics
  • US Foreign Policy (honors)
  • English Electives (nha)

GPA: (4.0 scale, 0.5 bump for AP/honors)
weighted: 4.04
unweighted: 3.915

ACT Score:
Composite: 34
English: 34 Math: 33 Reading: 35 Science: 32

Extracurriculars: (fsy = full school year). This includes things that are coming up soon.

Lang: 4
EnviroSci: 4 (self-studied)
Gov/Politics: 4 (self-studied)
Music Theory: 5 (self-studied)

Theatre productions (9-12th grade, fsy, 16ish hours/week)

  1. Gender-Sexuality Alliance club co-leader (10-12th grade, fsy, 2 hrs/week)
    • Plan meetings, create community
  2. School Climate Change Coalition member/leader (10-12th, fsy and summer, 1-2hrs/week)
    • Plan and execute sustainability initiatives
    • Hold assemblies/educational sessions regarding climate change
  3. LGBT peer support server co-creator and moderator (10-12th, fsy, 1-2hrs/week)
    • Manage server/plan meetings
    • Respond to chat requests
    • Attend yearly peer counseling trainings
  4. Citizen’s Climate Lobby (10’s summer-12th, year-round, 2 hrs/week)
    • Write letters to the editor for a prominent local-ish newspaper (a few publications, too)
    • Help plan youth climate initiatives
  5. Vote Save America volunteer (10’s summer-11th, 18 weeks, 4hrs/week)
    • Phonebank for democratic candidates
    • Attend trainings to campaign and organize
    • Textbanked for various bills/candidates
  6. Student Democracy Program (11th, 1 week, 28 hours total)
    • Poll worker/volunteer
  7. Two environmentalist groups (11th, 6 weeks, 2 hrs/week)
    • Web designer

Thank you so much for listening. Please chance me for Tufts, Brandeis, Georgetown, WashU, AmericanU, and other schools in the same “tier”.

Your stats will get you past any threshold screen. A lot will depend on how well your essays make you stand out and how well they suggest you know yourself and how you will add to the community.

In another post dated today you say you are a junior, don’t have an ACT score (only projected scores), and have not taken an AP test yet. What is the truth?

Posters come here as volunteers to try to help college applicants. If you are asking to be “chanced” based on hoped for results for your ACT, AP scores - while claiming they are actual results - then you are both disrespecting poster’s time and providing false information which goes against the terms of service of CC.

In your other thread you said your practice ACT score is 30/31, not 34. Chancing is a difficult enough with accurate data. It’s useless when it’s based on hypotheticals. You need to build your list of reaches, matches, and safeties based on the stats you have.

MODERATOR’S NOTE: Since OP is not consistent about scores I am closing the thread. Users shouldn’t waste their time giving advice to people who aren’t being honest.