Chances for U of Rochester, UCal, UWashington

<p>I'd really like to know my chances of being accepted into U of R. Please let me know what you think or any personal experiences!</p>

<p>GPA(unweighted): 95.47
GPA(weighted): 105.7</p>


<p>Rank: not announced yet, but expected to be around 50/500</p>

<p>Course load: toughest courses available
-7 AP classes
-2 Dual-Credits</p>


<p>-Varsity Band at 5A TX school, clarinet,(4 years)
-Varsity Marching Band(won numerous national awards, 4 yr)
-State Band, clarinet (2 years)
-Clarinet section leader (1 year)
-Varsity Tennis(1year) (quit to pursue band)
-Key Club(service organization) (2years)</p>

<p>Plan to Pre-med and music.</p>