Chances for UC Davis

I am a senior and waiting to hear back from UC Davis, my dream school. I have already heard from some other schools. Here are my stats:

Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

W GPA: 3.89
UW GPA: 3.69
UC GPA: 3.85

SAT: 1380
PSAT: 1320

AP classes: 6 (3 senior year)
AP Spanish Lang.: 4
AP Spanish Lit: 4

  • Competitive equestrian for 10+ years, traveling to national and international competitions 2x a month, trained 5-6x a week
  • Volunteer coordinator for local animal rescue, overseeing teenage volunteers at adoption events and conducting interviews for potential adopters
  • Shadowed a veterinarian at Adobe Animal Hospital
  • Worked as an ice cream server at a local store for 1 year, promoted to shift lead
  • VP of school’s Best Buddies program, pairing students with special needs students
  • Tutor at community center helping underprivileged students with homework and learning life skills
  • Camp counselor for equine summer camp taking care of horse management and grooming, tack, and cleaning supplies

Here are the schools I have heard back from:
Oregon: Admitted w/merit
Oregon State: Admitted w/merit
Portland: Admitted w/merit
Santa Clara: Admitted w/merit
Redlands: Admitted w/merit
Puget Sound: Admitted w/merit
Willamette: Admitted w/merit
UC Riverside: Admitted
Cal Poly Pomona: Admitted
San Jose State: Admitted
Cal State Monterey Bay: Admitted
Cal Poly SLO: Waitlisted
UC Santa Cruz: Waitlisted
UC Irvine: Rejected
UC Santa Barbara: Rejected

So far waiting on:
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC San Diego
San Diego

A bit about me, I transferred schools midway into sophomore year after bullying and a suicide attempt. My family and I made the decision to focus on mental health over prioritizing perfect grades, so that is why I am not taking a super challenging course load and my grades are not perfect. I have wanted to go to Davis for a very long time and would like to know my chances!

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I can’t really chance you, but I will wish you the best of luck!!! Out of the schools you have been accepted to which one are you the most excited by?

Thanks!! I would say Santa Clara? Just because their campus is so pretty and they have a great pre-med program.

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Wow, that’s a LOT of aps!

a sub 4 GPA is going to make UCD (and the other UCs you are still waiting on) a reach.

Congrats though, you have lots of great options to choose from.

Good luck on the rest of them.