Chances for UC riverside (OOS applicant)

(I already know about the financial aid and expenses so no need to tell me about it)

Residency: OOS

UC Capped GPA: 3.73

SAT: 1440 (listing this here in case, but this year they are test-BLIND meaning they won’t any SAT/ACT scores)


  • I co-led a Game Development Club for 2 years
  • Managed an Online Community with over 200,000 members for 3 years as a Senior moderator.
  • I run an educational YouTube channel with around 13,000 subscribers and 200,000 views.
  • Developed several games for around 5 years.

Assuming CS as an intended major? Admit rates would be lower for a more competitive major such as CS/Engineering/Biology but OOS admit rates are higher than the overall campus admit rate.

UCR looks like a target school but not a guarantee.

2019 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.40-3.79 capped weighted and not major specific:
UCR: 53%

Yep I’m planning on majoring in Biological Sciences