Chances for uc schools

<p>Okay so here is the whole lay down. </p>

<p>I live in CA and am planning on applying to UCSD, Cal Poly Slo and UCSB for civil engineering. I know as a girl they give out a lot of scholarship and such but as far as my grades how likely am I to get in? I have a 4.08 GPA for 9-11 but 4.2 for 10-11 because my freshman year was bad. I got a 4.6 last year and hope my senior year also brings me up. I have taken the SAT once and got a 1850 but will probably retake it. I have played 4 years of varsity basketball and am in FCA and president of environmental science club. I am only 67 out of 640 in my class. As far as personal statement and life I have had it a little rough because both my parents are alcoholics and I think I will get alot of income help since we make under 60 thousand a year, but as far as academic how likely am I to get in and to also get financial help? Also if you have any other suggested schools please tell.</p>

<p>All are matches since UCs dont look at freshmen year grades. Try to bring your SAT up though</p>