Chances for UCF transfer.

<p>I applied to UCF as a transfer with A.A, for summer 2012 term. I have a 3.9 college GPA. I don't have my pre-reqs for Bio, which is what I want to study, but I only graduated from high school last year. My app status says admission is being deferred until current semester grades are given. Do you think I'll be accepted?</p>

<p>I found out that the only reason it was deferred was because I am taking to math classes for my A.A, and if I don't pass them, then I won't get my A.A this semester. But I know i'll pass both with A's.</p>

<p>I have the exact same situation right now. I'm transferring to UCF from UF as an advertising major, but mine doesn't say that I got deferred; it still says they are reviewing my application. I applied in November and just resent my transcripts for last semester. Please let me know what you find out!</p>