Chances for UChicago and a few other privates, please?

<p>I'll be a senior when school starts.
I go to a public school that's not really competitive.</p>

-Class Rank: 1/146
-GPA U: 4.0/4.0
W: 4.1/4.25 (we only have 5 weighted classes and it only adds .05 to GPA)
-ACT: Composite: 29
English: 32
Math: 31
Reading: 26
Science: 25
And I don't know if I'll take it again because this is my second time and I don't think I'll get it the composite much higher than that.</p>

<p>-I've taken, and will continue taking during my senior year, the most challenging courses possible, but the only AP offered at our school is in English 12, which I'll be taking this year.</p>

<p>-ECs - how many years in it including senior year - leadership & years
Marching Band (4 yrs) - Section Leader (2 yrs)
Concert Band (4 yrs) - Section Leader (2 yrs)
Pep Band (4 yrs) - Section Leader (2 yrs)
Jazz Band (4 yrs) - Section Leader (2 yrs)
Steel Band (3 yrs) - doesn't have Leadership
All-County Band (4 yrs) - Section Leader (1-2 yrs, just depends)
Solo & Ensemble Contest (3 yrs) - doesn't have Leadership
Jr. Optimists (2 yrs) - Secretary
SADD (3 yrs)
Academic Quiz Team (3 yrs)
French Club (4 yrs, if I continue) - Secretary (1 yr)</p>

<p>-I'm also most likely gonna start an Improv. club at the beginning of the year, in which I'll be the President.
- I'm gonna start volunteering really soon at a hospital and get as many hours as I can (I know it's cliche but there aren't many other choices for volunteering and I want to work in a hospital someday anyway)</p>

<p>Here are the schools:</p>

<p>University of Chicago (EA)
Case Western Reserve University (RD because of PPSP)
The College of Wooster (EA)</p>

<p>And I want to major in Psychology and go premed.</p>

<p>So if you could chance me on these colleges I would really appreciate it, just so I can get an idea. I'm just not sure where I'm at because of my ACT score and it doesn't seem like I have enough ECs.</p>

<p>Thank you in advance :]</p>

<p>bump. please?</p>

<p>Chicago - High Reach
Case Western - Match or High Match
Wooster - Match or Safety</p>