Chances for UChicago and everywhere else (almost)

I'm not going to list everything that's on my app, but will list the important stuff.
Here are the schools that I'm applying to: UChicago (Early Decision), Upenn, Tufts, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Northwestern, Berkeley, and John Hopkins. (I know it's a lot) I'm only trying to get into one and I will be completely satisfied. Uchicago is my first choice and that is what i would like to be chanced on.</p>

8th Grade:
Algebra I Honors A/A</p>

<p>Freshman Year
English Honors A/A
Spanish 1 B/A
Ap Environmental B/A
Ap Human Geography A/A
Geometry Honors A/A
PE/Health A/A
Biology Honors A/A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year (Horrible First Semester)
Ap Biology B/A
Ap World History A/B
AP Art History B/A
Honors Chemistry A/A
Aice Photography B/A
Aice General Paper B/A
Spanish II Honors B/B
Algebra II Honors A/A
Pre-Calc Honors (online)A/A</p>

<p>Junior Year Schedule (Yes, I'm graduating early)
Ap Calc Ab
Ap Micro Econ/US Gov
Ap Physics B
Ap English Language
Ap English Literature
Spanish III Honors</p>

<p>U.W. GPA: 3.73 (I sucks at grades, lolz :()
W GPA: 4.63 (Aice are at 5.0 scale, as are AP)
Class Rank: 34/688 (top 5%)
Sat:2250 (Math 800, Writing 720, Reading 730)
Take ACT in October (or september, i forgot)
EC'S: Varsity Cross Country: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Year. Varsity Track Junior Year (hopefully.)
President of SADD club Junior Year (VP sophomore), Vice President of (club that helps kids in africa). Free-lance web design/computer programming. I will be sure to send some artwork that I made on my computer. </p>

<p>Community Service: 450 hours
Internships: Advertising Graphics Design Internship, Web Development Internship (Radio Station), Medical internship at local hospital, Brown Medical summer program</p>

<p>Hook: Athlete, low income family</p>

<p>If i need any more info, tell me. Thanks for your help! Peace!</p>

<p>Looks good and your GPA isn't that bad
UChicago (Early Decision) - 95%
Upenn - 50%
Tufts - 60%
Brown - 20%
Cornell - 10%
Columbia - 10%
Northwestern - 60% - i had a friend who got in with a 3.2 GPA
Berkeley - 60%
John Hopkins - 70%</p>

<p>I agree with whateverg that you have an excellent resume and excellent chances at U of C and some of the other schools you have mentioned, but I would say that some of the estimates made by whateverg are a little lenient- primarily the 95% for U of C. Chicago is almost as selective as Brown, Cornell, and Columbia, yet they said much much much lower chances for those schools? Not sure why. Anyway, strong application and you will most certainly gain admission into some of these top schools. No worries.</p>

<p>I agree with phillip. 95% chance is ridiculous. I think i'm looking at about 60-75% optimistically. Thanks for the support.</p>

<p>Any other opinions?</p>

<p>Chicago will depend on essays. Based solely on stats, I'd say chance of admission stands at around 30-35%, though this could be higher or lower based on the way you present yourself. The average UW GPA of incoming students was 3.89 a few years ago, so your GPA will be a disadvantage, but your stats are a bit above average for entering students.</p>

<p>In any case, if you write your essays with passion, you will maximize your chances. Good luck!</p>

<p>Will being a potential athlete for U of C, make a difference or is it not considered? they are division III, so i doubt they are truly concerned about atheltics, but you never know.</p>

<p>bump...Any more feedback, particularly about Northwestern? I went to a college fair yesterday and am now significantly more interested in Northwestern.</p>