Chances for UCLA and UC Berkelely

<p>Just interested in my chances for these schools as of now. I'm from washington state so I'll be out of state.</p>

<p>GPA (unweighted)- 3.79
SAT-1910 (750 m, 610 r, 550 w), retaking next month and will for sure score higher (I was stupid, forgot I had SATs and partied the whole friday night before)</p>

<p>Junior Class President
AFJROTC Officer (Competed in cybersecurity and academic competitions, the latter at nationals)
Wrestled for 2 years (just for fun)
Played club soccer since elementary school (was always injured during highschool tryouts so I never got a chance to tryout)
Part of a competitive leadership class (held fundraiser planned entirely by students that raised over $10,000)
Part of an aerospace science/math program</p>

<p>I haven't taken SAT2s yet, but I know for sure I'll score in at least the 750s in math2 (took several practice tests and got scores ranging from 750-800), but haven't decided the second subject yet.</p>

<p>If you raise your scores to above 2100 I think you have a good shot. Your ECs aren't too strong though. Chance back?</p>