Chances for UCLA, UCB, UCSD, UCD, UCSB, UCI????

I am currently a junior about to enter senior year and would really like to know my chances of getting into any UCs. Any advice would help. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

GPA: 3.91 W, 3.35 UW
SAT: just took recent one, scores have not been released. But around what avg should I be scoring for better chances?
Rank: 50/557, so that just makes me top 10%, almost barely
AP/Honors I have/are taking:
Honors Geography, Honors English (9th/10th), Accel Geometry
AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP World History, AP Eng Lang/Comp, AP U.S. History
Also currently taking, Multimedia ROP (photoshop and flash animations)
Planning on taking senior year: AP Calc AB, AP French (currently in French 3), AP Lit
Also a part of a 4-year school program, MERITS (Math Education Resources Integrated with Science and Technology).

EC: National Honor Society (2 years + NJHS in middle school for 3 years), California Scholarship Federation (1 year), martial arts student (3 years brown belt but ended in December 2015), P.R.I.D.E. volunteer (after school program 2 hours weekly), Hong Bang Vietnamese Cultural Center (attended program for 7 years and returned to become volunteer, currently 3rd year as volunteer. Every Sunday for 4 hours), Vietnamese American Culture Club (2 years + leadership position as president senior year), and recently started my Children’s Hospital CHOC volunteer (required 100 hours/year).

Ethnicity: Asian American
CA resident, looking to get into healthcare field or humanities…
very very low income family, first generation

Repost with your test scores when you get them back. UC GPA?

The UC’s have become extremely competitive and unpredictable due to the sheer volume of applicants. Based on your post, you look like a qualified applicant and being low income/first generation will help. There is really no good way to chance/predict the UC decisions since many very qualified applicants were either rejected or waitlisted from these schools. The best thing you can do, is apply broadly, have some good safety schools in which are willing to attend and present the best application you can. Good Luck.