Chances for UCs and other schools in California

GPA: 3.8 (In the top 10% of my class)
SAT: 1680 (first time, I have yet to take it again)
ECs: Yearbook (3 years), Key Club (3 years), ASB (1 year), Prom Committee as well as others (1 year)…
Volunteering: 200 hours… Red Cross, park clean ups, car dealership, Children’s Hospital… Etc
My high school doesn’t offer any AP classes. All the classes count as college prep. We are allowed to take college classes at Cal Poly Pomona. I’ve taken 4 (intro to philosophy, intro to oceanography, intro to American culture and film, and general chemistry) so far in which I’ve earned a B or higher.
Based off of this information, what are my chances of getting into UCSD, UCI, UCSB, UC David, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. As well as Loyola Marymount, APU, Pepperdine, and Pitzer College. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:
Also any advice to improve my chances of getting into any of these schools is much appreciated

SAT is too low for all of these schools. Raise that. What’s your UC GPA?

Your volunteering and ECs are very good. Is 3.8 your weighted or unweighted GPA? I would recommend you searching up the freshman profile information for each of those colleges, and comparing yourself with those numbers.

SAT score definitely should be higher- aim for over 2000 if you want a shot at any UCs.

I believe Pitzer is test optional. If that SAT stays low you might consider test optional schools so Pitzer might be a good option. Otherwise, you really need to get that SAT up. Perhaps try the ACT instead.

Calculate your UC GPA:

Your SAT is too low for the UC’s listed, so you need to bump it up to around 1900+ or more for a decent chance at UCSB/UCI/UCD. For UCSD/UCB, you need around a 2100+.
APU is a definite Match. High Matches for Pepperdine, LMU. Pitzer a Low Reach.

What major are you going for?

@michelle426 thanks for the advice, I’m working on it right now. I’ll be retesting in October! Also my UC gpa is 3.71

@spamuser undecided life sciences… Perhaps biology

@Gumbymom @LKnomad @nahkathy thank you so much for all of the advice!

Your SAT and GPA are going to make those UCs a reach, especially for a hard science. Note though, as much as half of their admission consideration are ECs and essays - so, don’t give up but, take the SAT again, think about adding UCR, UCSC,SDSU and CSULB to your list…

Good luck

SAT is a bit low, but EC’s look great! So just work on the sat and maybe some more leadership.