Chances for UCs and USC

<p>I go to a "socio-economically disadvantaged" but high-ranking school in southern California. Last year, ~15 to UCB, ~30 to UCLA, ~40 to UCSD.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 UW, 4.2 W</p>

<p>Ranking: 13/423 (ELC)</p>

<p>Highest SAT-I: 2050 (CR: 620, M: 670, W: 760)
(retaking and aiming for 2200)
US History 750
Math IIC 580
(retaking Math IIC)</p>

US History: 5
Chemistry: 1 (should I report this?, and I got 2 As in the class)</p>

<p>Extracurricular (do I have too few?):
Buddhist monastery volunteer from 8th grade-present
Yearly trip to Myanmar to aid orphanage</p>

French club
Academic award (4.0), (3.8)</p>

Engineering, Mathematics, Science Club
California Scholarship Federation
Bridge-building (UCI)
French club
Academic award (4.0), (4.0)</p>

Engineering, Mathematics, Science Club (officer and webmaster)
Youth-in-Government (City manager)
California Scholarship Federation
Bridge-building (CSU Fullerton; won "Best technical report", "Best presentation" awards)
Optimist Club (member and webmaster)
Academic award (4.0), (3.8)</p>

Engineering, Mathematics, Science Club (officer and webmaster)
California Scholarship Federation
Bridge-building (CSU Northridge)
Youth-in-Government (positions unopened as of yet)</p>

<p>Current classes:
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics
AP Biology
AP European History
H. Physics (taking AP test)
Government/Econ (summer): A, A</p>

AP Chemistry: A, A
AP US History: A, A
H. Pre-Calc: A, A
English: A, A
French 4: A, B
Intro. to Art: A, A</p>

H. Chemistry: A, A
H. Algebra 2: A, A
English: A, A
French 3: A, A
JAVA Programming: A, A
World History (summer): A, A</p>

H. Geometry: A, B
H. Biology: A, A
French 2: A, A
English: A, A</p>

<p>I want to know my chances at:
-UC Berkeley</p>

<p>Interesting facts(?):
- Fluent/literate in Burmese, Mandarin, English
- Has been ordained as a monk for 2 summers
- Ethnically Bamar (Burman), very little South Indian</p>

<p>How the hell did you get A's in the class and a 1 on the AP test? It seems that some schools are somewhat disregarding the writing portion this year so your SAT score, while not in any way bad, looks higher with the 760 writing than they may interpret it. The writing score does count for something though. I think you could have a chance all the UC's if your school does send that many and you're rank is that high. However, I think you'll probably end up at UCI of UCSD. That's definitely not a bad thing though.</p>


<p>UCB/UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
UCI: Safe Match</p>