Chances for UC' extracurriculars

<p>can you please tell me my chances for getting into a good UC like UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkley, or UC Davis</p>

<p>ACT: 35
SAT: 2020
SAT 2: 730 math 2
770 biology-ecology</p>

<p>key club 9,10,11
NHS 10,11
Environmental Science 11</p>

<p>200 hours of community service</p>

<p>and thats pretty much it, i don't have any sports or leadership</p>

<p>3.96 weighted UC GPA
btw, my school is really hard, thats why my gpa is so low
its been ranked in the top 10 out of all the high schools in the nation for the past 4 years
you have to take a test to get in, and its all honors and ap classes, you can't even choose if you want honors or ap or not, the single choice availble for some classes is ap
even though my gpa is low, i'm still in the top one fourth of the school (which consists of only the top students in the district)</p>

<p>you ACT score and SATscores are good so you have good chanceat schools like UCD, UCI, UCSB and such but maybe beacuse you dont have much ecs UCLA and berkeley may be a reach</p>

<p>UCLA and UC Berkley are unlikely, but the others seem reasonable. Might want to retake the math2/take other subject tests, but everything seems pretty solid. If your school is as hard/good as you say it is, and I feel you because my school is also nationally recognized, then you seem like a solid candidate for all of the other UC schools.</p>