Chances for UC's?

<p>In-State: Top 50 High School (Magnet School)</p>

<p>WGpa: 4.05
UCGpa: 3.95
Unweighted: 3.7
SAT: M700, CR620, W580 Total: 1900 (Retaking in March)
SAT2: In Progress
Class Rank: 40/262
6 AP's 3 Honors Class (10-12 Grade)
3 Years of NHS, CSF, Leadership(ASB), Speech Debate Participant
120 Hours of Volunteer Service
Chess Club</p>

<p>First Choice of Major: Mechanical Engineering
Alternate Choice of Major: Physics</p>

<p>Applying to all UC's.</p>

<p>Please let me know which UC's I can get into.</p>



<p>If you an bring scores up to over 2000, the mid tiers would be in range: I, D, SB.</p>

<p>Berkeley would be a high reach; UCLA a reach; and, like Redroses said, UCI, UC Davis, and UCSB would be within reach if you boosted your SATs.</p>