Chances for UF 2021

Hi so I am a high school junior and I want to see if I get into UF next year since it is my dream school and I will be applying as a Bio major

as of right now my weighted GPA is 4.1 and unweighted is 3.74 and 20/111 class rank I have a C in Alg 2 which I don’t think I will be able to bring up

I am scared that they will reject me because I have a C in chemistry and Algebra and will not get accepted as a bio major

My SAT score is a 1330

9th grade

  • Turkish 2, Alg 1, English 2 , Hope, world history, physical science, reading (A's)

extracurricular: Interact club, NJHS, Club volleyball, cmp

10th grade

Biology, Spanish 1, APUSH, AP Seminar, Geometry, English 2 honors, Pyschology (B in psych, APUSH, and geometry)

extracurricular: Interact club, NJHS, volleyball, cmp, and science Olympiad

11th grade

AP Research A+, AP Psych (B) , AP lang(B) , Chemistry honors (Got my first C yikes, had an A first quarter than a C the second quarter) , Government (A), AP environmental science (A), Algebra 2 (maybe my first C in math this quarter yikes had A first quarter and then B)

extracurricular: Interact club, NHS, cmp, science olympaid, volunteering at a hospital

12th grade (schedule for next year)

AP Gov, AP Lit, AP Bio, Dual enrollment math, photoshop, dual enrollment SLS class, Pre calc honors

I plan to apply to UF, Nova, USF, FSU, UCF, UNF as a biology major.

I just applied. I think you have a good chance tbh