Chances for UF?

<p>Hey everyone! UF is my dream school, and I'm nervous about getting in. At this moment I am a Junior and will be applying to colleges in about 6 months, but I've started preparing already.
Here are my stats, and any advice would be greatly appreciated</p>

Living in South Florida
Public High School</p>

<p>Class Rank: 11/578, which is top 2% of my class (Hopefully that will go up a little by the end of this semester)
Unweighted GPA: 3.76 (Again, hoping for a 3.8 by the end of this semester)
UF Weighted GPA: 4.5</p>

<p>SAT Score(s): 1830
-SAT Reading: 590
-SAT Math: 630
-SAT Writing (even though it doesn't matter for UF): 610
Planning on taking them again in May or June, just to see if I can up my score a bit because I know UF supersizes, and I need a 1280 Math and Reading for Bright Futures. I'm planning on taking the ACTs around the same time as well.</p>

<p>Grades: A's and B's all through high school, except for one C in Pre-calc in 10th grade (that's making me way nervous)</p>

<p>Classes (including my senior year schedule): I've been taking all honors and AP classes. 1 my freshman year, 2 sophomore year, and 4 now. Planning on 4 next year as well, plus an AICE course (similar to IB). I've gotten A's in all of my AP classes. I'm taking 4 years of Spanish; I'll have 7 math classes, plus the two credits that passed over from middle school (I thought only 1 did, but both show up for my credit summary), 3 AP, the rest honors; 4 years of English, 2 of them AP, others are honors; 4 years of science, 1 AP, the rest honors; 5 classes of social studies/social sciences, all AP (I included my AP Psych class).</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/Community Service:
-Community Service: Over 200 hours, not including this years, which is well over a hundred. Volunteered at an autistic summer elementary school since the summer before freshman year, a lot of hours from National Honor Society projects and whatnot, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Flag Football Tournament since before freshman year.
-EC's: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta), waiting on Science Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars, TV Production Club, High School Flag Football Team since freshman year (captain on Freshman and JV; haven't had try-outs this year yet), Girls Flag Football League since I was 5 years old, Co-ed Flag League since about 10 years old.</p>

<p>Jobs: I started working just a little for my parents last summer, but my volunteering took up a lot of time, so that was like my "job." However, I will be working this whole summer for them, so I'll have some work experience.</p>

<p>Legacy: I know it doesn't mean as much as it used to but, my father went there, and my sister got in in 2010 (attending now).</p>

<p>I'm not sure if I'm applying to Fall or Summer 2013 yet. I've heard Summer is easier to get in to, but if that's not true, then why not apply for fall? I know this is a mouthful, but I wanted to give everyone the full picture of myself. Like I said, UF is my first choice definitely. I'm considering FSU, FIT, USF, and FIU (for back-ups), but I am a Gator all the way. Anyway, please give some advice. Don't be afraid to be brutally honest. I still have some time to straighten up something if I need to!</p>

<p>NOTE: By Summer, I mean Summer B!</p>

<p>My S who is a senior applied for admissions to UF and is waiting to hear next Friday like everyone else. We have visitied with UF admissions several times and he has been in communication with Sandy Hayden--an admissions officer at UF over the last year. I would recommend you reaching out to her or working to establish a relationship with an admissions officer. She was helpful with his essay--she is able to provide a list of what the essay should address when it is being read by UF--it's a list with about 10 questions. She also stressed that they look at an application holistically--meaning the whole student not just grades and scores. However she stressed that if you dont have the scores it may be a mute point--doesnt sound like you are looking for an athletic scholarship. If you want to feel more secure, you are going to need to raise your scores--either SAT or ACT in my opinion. My S got the best improvement in SAT and ACT scores by taking previous test--you can find them online over and over. Not so much by test tutoring--which he had. Keep taking the tests--he took each 3 times--hated it but it wasnt until his 3rd time did he get the biggest bump up. Make sure you know how to calculate your UF GPA. You can call or email admissions for an explanation. Thats what UF will use. Your class rank is not as important to UF as other universities. Again ask admissions why. You are in the hunt--dont let up your senior year. UF looks alot at strength or schedule--Sandy Hayden probably told me son that at least a half dozen times. Since your sister goes to UF--go for a generic tour and get there early or stay late and talk to admissions. Dont go on the actual walking tour--use the time to get one on one time with admissions officers. Get their emial address and start a relationship so they know you. GOOD LUCK--I think you have the focus to get in!!</p>

<p>Thank you!
I've been on the walking tour, but I'll try to look into the one you mentioned this summer. And I'm planning on taking the SATs again in May or June. I'm going to spend a bit more time preparing for them than I did last time, so I'm expecting to do better. And I haven't taken the ACTs yet, but I have a prep book for that as well. And I think I calculated my GPA correctly. 1 point for Ap, 1/2 for honors only in academic courses. So hopefully it will be enough by next spring! Thank you for your response!</p>

<p>Your stats put you in the "hunt". However, for 2011 the mean stats for admitted students were UF GPA of 4.30, SAT of 1963 and ACT with writing of 30. All three parts of the SAT count for admission purposes, although not for Bright Futures calculation. The stats will continue to elevate this year and next because of economic pressures and the quality of UF's undergraduate program. Do what ever you can to increase the SAT to the 1950-2000 range to give yourself a good chance. Also the EC's, awards and the essay are exceptionally important for students on the margins. Lastly, applying for Summer B, will according to UF not increase your chances for admission. Of the 11,000 or so to be admitted next Friday for the 6,300 freshman slots, the highest stat students will be admitted for Fall, then Summer B and then Spring 2013, unless that student specifically requested to start at a time other than Fall. UF does not always honor admitted students
starting enrollment dates. Good Luck.</p>

<p>Yeah, I figured it was really my SAT scores that needed to be better. I really didn't prepare for them too well when I took them in December, so I'm going to work my butt off to get them up by this spring, hopefully in the range you suggested, even though it's quite a leap. Same goes for ACTs. I have my prep books, and this will be the first time taking ACTs, so I'm hoping to do pretty well on that! It seems like my GPA is doing pretty well for admission, so I can just focus on my test scores and keeping my grades up.
Thanks for your input! And for clarifying the Summer B tidbit!</p>

<p>Oh, and you were right about the SAT Writing being included! I meant Bright Futures. Got them mixed up :)</p>