Chances for UMich, UNC, UMaryland, UDel, SUNY Bing, Northeastern?

I’m a rising senior girl and I am curious as to what my chances are for getting into some of my top choices: University Of Michigan (Ann Arbor), University of Delaware, University of Maryland, Binghamton, Northeastern and University of North Carolina (chapel Hill).
GPA: 4.0 unweighted (95.2 average out of 100) but that will go up a few points once the IB weighting is added. I am a full IB diploma candidate although out of the IB classes I did not take the most rigorous courses (took the easier IB math and did not take IB physics) so I am not sure how much that will hurt me considering I am still on track to get the diploma. I took 5 IB classes this year, and will take 6 next year. I will also take one AP class next year (AB Calc) because Calc is the only AP class my school offers.
SAT scores: Got a 1930 on my first SAT and a 1980 on my second, which ended up superscoring to a 1990. 690 on Math, 660 on critical reading and 640 on writing.
-Varsity Cheerleading team (10-12) for both football and basketball seasons
-Vice President of the Peace, Love and Joy club(service club)
-Part of “Games” committee for making a mini-Thon at my school (to raise money for cancer research)
-Member of the Leo Club (service club)Irish Club, for the Kids club (service club)
-volunteer at local elementary schools to help kids with homework
-dance classes
-member of the National Honor Society, math honor society and foreign language honor society
-read books to kids at local library
-Work at summer program at local schools
-Participates in a color war every year that induces hours of dance practice every day

I also have two teacher recommendations. I did not take the ACT or any subject tests. Also my grades have improved each year, if that counts for anything. Thank you!

If you are in-state to Michigan or Maryland or UNC Chapel Hill it would impact your chances a lot. I think you have very solid grades and even though they may not be the hardest IB classes it’s still the full diploma so that’s impressive. Your SAT is a lot lower than it needs to be to be positioned strongly with these colleges particularly as an out-of-state applicant. Your EC’s are fine but they are not of the caliber that they differentiate you favorably. Not all colleges superscore so you have a 1980. You would be positioned much better if you had a 2100 or higher. 1980 is about the 90% percentile nationally. If you could achieve a 2100 it would put you at the 96%. Good luck

Unfortunately I am out of state, from New York. Thanks for the feedback though, I agree about the SAT. I was not planning on taking it in October because of early action but maybe I should

UNC, UMich - low reaches
Northeastern, UMD - high matches
UDel - safety
Idk about Binghamton
I have noticed that unc admitted students oos from previous threads have had either above a 2100 or 30 on act. Try the act. You might still get into those reaches as you are very qualified.
Good luck!

Chance me back!
You will need to read through the comments cause I got a 31 on ACT and I added some colleges (BostonU, UTAustin, Northeastern)

Raise your SAT score to 2100+ and you have a great chance at any of your schools especially if you’re instate. Delaware and Binghamton are safeties. Chance me?

The only thing I would improve is standardized testing, but other than that you’re looking great! For all these schools, you would be a nice fit. For Northeastern and UDel probably a match/safety, and all the other schools like low reach/match.

@shadyconcepts the mid 50% for enrolled freshmen at Northeastern is 2020-2190 so it is a low reach and definitely not a safety for the OP.

@TomSrOfBoston Oh sorry, my mistake! If OP improves their SAT score I’m sure Northeastern chances will be greatly increased. Thanks for the correction.