Chances for umich?


<p>HS graduation year: 2011
weighted GPA: 3.8, school doesn't give out unweighted gpa. but i calculated it & it came out to be 3.5,
SAT Composite: 2030 (math + cr = 1320. writing = 710)
Took all AP & honors classes offered at my school. i also took a class at a local university for college credit.</p>

Played JV tennis for 2 years, varsity tennis my senior year - conference champs 3 years, sectional champs 2 years, regional champs 1 year, and regional finalists 1 year
Academic Spell Bowl team -- state finalists all 4 years, regional champions 3 years
Math team - regional champions 1 year. state champions 1 year.
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a neuroscience competition
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a public speaking competition
National Finalist for 2 years in a row in a essay writing competition
Marching Band State Runner up -- freshman year
Speech team - central indiana champions 1 year.
National Society of High School Scholars
National Honors Society
FIRST Robotics team for 3 years -- won a regional championship in 2009 (had leadership position)
VEX Robotics team for 2 years -- won a regional championship in 2009
Vice President of Chess Club
Played violin for 6 years, performed at various concerts</p>

<p>Volunteer Activities: (total = slightly over 100 hrs)
Assisted my tennis coach in coaching small children
Assisted my tennis coach in his adult tennis classes
Volunteered at a local hospital
Assisted the Salvation Army </p>

<p>i'm pretty confident that i wrote good essays.
i'm going for a neuroscience major with pre-med</p>


<p>relax, you’re in; go out and buy michigan gear
btw, are you in state or not? That tends to change things.</p>

<p>i’m out of state. i heard it’s a lot tougher to get in oos…</p>

<p>foucaultlover, even for in-state students, a 3.5 unweighed GPA with a 1320/2030 SAT will not make Michigan a safety. It is a match reach for in-state students and a reach for out of state students.</p>

<p>Jake, are you applying EA? It could help your chances. Also resit for your SAT in case you are deferred.</p>

<p>yeah I applied about 2 weeks ago EA. I’m taking the subject tests next weekend. I’ve already taken the sats 4 times though…would it look bad if I took it again?</p>

<p>I think you’re looking good no matter what happens. What other schools have you applied to? What state are you from, by the way?</p>

<p>i’m from indiana. </p>

<p>i applied to university of pittsburgh (accepted), indiana university (accepted), georgia tech, case western reserve, university of illinois @ urbana, univ of michigan, notre dame, university of chicago, and johns hopkins. </p>

<p>haha i know it’s quite a list but they’re all great schools.</p>

<p>All great schools, no doubt. Don’t shortchange Indiana - for you the tuition will be cheap and the university has a direct recruiting connection to high profile employers in Chicago. getting a decent job with little debt cannot be discounted</p>

<p>Money’s not a huge factor but what employers do they have connections to? And for which majors?</p>