Chances for UNC Chapel Hill

DD has a 4.7 GPA, 16 AP classes, rank 1 in her class of 275, class president 2 years, varsity athlete all 3 seasons 4 years, captain XC senior year, VP NHS, VP Leo Club, 300+service hours, 2 year mentorship with scholarship at major national engineering firm, other extracurriculars, will not need financial aide. But we are out of state and she has not had a chance to take SAT or ACT (yet). Chances for UNC Chapel Hill? Interested in computer science/biology/premed/bioinformatics.

I think a very good shot as long as SAT/ACT is near the average. Avg ACT at UNC is 30 which is high and similar with SAT. Out of state would probably be closer to 32. I think GPA, Extras are great so even if DD gets a bit lower than avg on exams you should have a decent shot.

I’m not sure she needs to take the SAT/ACT. If UNC is serious about judging the application on its merits regardless of whether test scores are submitted, she should knock it out of the park with what she has. There are school guidance counselors in North Carolina telling students not to submit SAT scores in the low 1400’s when they have applications that otherwise look as good as your daughter’s does, as they think it will only bring the overall application down. Good luck!