Chances for University of Florida

<p>Chances info for the boyfriend:</p>

<p>*** Early Decision***
1230 SAT (640M 590V)
3.8W GPA
IB Program, most likely will grad with diploma
Current Schedule:
IB Caclulus BC
IB English IV
IB Biology III
IB Theory of Knowledge
Leadership (elec)
IB History of the Americas</p>

Senior Class Vice President
1 year of football
1 year varsity wrestling
3 year member, 2 year officer of Key Intl
2 years BETA Club
Taken 1 year Visual Basic, 2 years Pascal, 1 year Java and competed in programming competitions (actually at U of F)</p>

Respite Care Giver 8hrs/wk
Website Designer/writer</p>

<p>will have 200 clas hours by grad.</p>

<p>He's worried about the SAT score, but it seems to me (and plently of other people) that UF really likes the IB Kids ;-). </p>

<p>Please and Thank you!

<p>I think you should have a pretty decent chance at UF, but in previous years it has been increasingly difficult to get in. It seems that UF admissions has been odd deferring extremely qualified individuals, but with your IB program and your other activities, you should get in. However try and bring up your SAT score. If your a citizen of Florida a score of 1270 will give you a full scholarship under florida bright futures, and will increase your chances of getting in. Good Luck, hope I was of help.</p>

<p>I think you're in, but a higher SAT score would help. Being an IB student should get you in, from what I have heard anyhow.</p>

<p>If he gets his IB dimploma he has Bright anyways... and thanks for the opinion!</p>