Chances for University of Michigan


<p>About a 2 weeks ago, I submitted my application for the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. I applied to the College of Literature, Sciences and the Arts, for the economics course. I was wondering if somebody could tell me how well I stack up against others. Below is a list of all my classes, predicteds, extra-curriculars etc...</p>

<p>Ethnicity- Indian, but I have never lived in India. I have lived between Tanzania and Zambia, two east african nations....I'm a third cultured kid. </p>

<p>School-Private-One of the most reputed in not only the country but also eastern africa. The penn undergrad admissions representative visits our school every year. I managed to meet with her and have a good flowing conversation with her.</p>

<p>IB Diploma-</p>

<p>HL Chemistry- 7
HL Economics- 7
HL Geography- 7
Sl English- 4
SL Math- 7
SL French-5</p>

<p>Predicted is 37.</p>

<p>SAT 1 scores-</p>


<p>SAT II</p>

<p>Chemistry 660
Math Level 2 670</p>

<p>SAT 1 scores are low, but its because living so far from the US, practice is difficult to get...but my SAT II's are better.</p>


<p>Captain of the School Varsity Volleyball team
Goal Keeper for School Varsity Football team
Organizer of one of Tanzania's first MUN conferences
Yearbook Editor
Johannesburg MUN conference delegate
Represented the school in local tournaments in over 7 different sports
Golf School Tournament Winner, and longest drive hitter.
Interned at Aldwych International last summer
Student council grade representitive for 2 consecutive years
Achieved Piano Grade 5 in ABRSM
Achieved Piano Grade 5 in ABRSM Theory
414 CAS hours uptil now....highest in the grade
Organized various volleyball and table-tennis activites for school community
Helped small indian children with their english in the summer vacations</p>

<p>Recomendation letters</p>

<p>1(. From Chemistry teacher- my counselor rated it a 9/10
2(. From Math teacher (9/10 too)</p>

<p>My App Essays- Common app essay 9/10
Supplement Essay 9/10</p>

<p>Please let me know how good my chances are...Thanks</p>